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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Youngster of 14 years old shot in the head by the police in Portugal

06-01-2009 13:19

... one more youngster killed by the police, one more victim of the mercenaries of the state!!!

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Fancy resisting an ID & Repression conference in London 26/27 March?

06-01-2009 00:33

Security Document World 2009 Conference and Exhibition - Queen Elizabeth II conference centre London 26-27 March

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Tarnac 9 and the State repression to come?

05-01-2009 15:38

The Guardian newspaper published on Saturday a feature on the arrests of nine individuals now known as the Tarnac 9. It's sister paper The Observer followed this up with a pretty awful story titled 'France braced for 'rebirth of violent left'. Interesting in the story is the supposed thesis that the State reckons (or pretends to reckon) that a new wave of militant struggles is about to sweep Europe.

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The Times: Police set to step up hacking of home PCs

05-01-2009 13:55

Just when you thought the attacks on privacy couldn't get worse... If you still need a reason to switch to Linux then read the following extracts from a Sunday Times article:

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Demo at Communications House Tuesday 6 Januanry 1-2pm

05-01-2009 10:24

Show solidarity with asylum seekers and immigrants
TUESDAY 6 January 1-2pm
Outside the UK Immigration Service Communications House
210 Old Street, London , EC1V 9BR (nearest tube – Old Street )

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Greek Riot Police shot with Kalashnikov automatic weapons in Athens

05-01-2009 08:45

Reports have come in that a 21 year old riot police man in Exarchia, Athens has been serious injured by bullets from a Kalashnikov gun.

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Cluster bombs, Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorus being used in Gaza

04-01-2009 22:16

Gaza invasion - photo 1
Residents in Gaza have been talking about an unprecedented amount of force being unleashed against them by the Israeli army- but they have also spoken about new kinds of weaponry. It comes as no surprise-Gaza has always been Israel's "testing ground" - from nerve agents used in Khan Younis in 2003 to Sonic Boom "phantom air raids". Now, there is talk of cluster bombs, depleted uranium, and white phosphorus. And these are only the ones people can identify.

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Gaza support actions in Southampton

04-01-2009 17:48

If you live in or near Southampton then there are Actions planned over the coming week.

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Pictures from London Gaza march and demonstration Sat Jan 3

04-01-2009 16:31

Tony Benn looking well at the start of the march
A few of my photos from the start of the march and at the Israeli Embassy. Unfortunately I lost the card with most of my pictures for the day while photographing near the embassy. Pictures Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Has Brown declared parts of London No-Go zones?

04-01-2009 11:57

Transport for London has cctv camera live feed from buses, tubes and streets. Who is controlling them?

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An Appeal To The Court of Public Opinon

04-01-2009 11:13

No Lawbreaker can be a Law Enforcer!

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04-01-2009 03:25

Condemn and protest the Wall Street-Bush-Zionist megaterrorist border-occupation and invasion of Gaza and the atrocities against civilians!

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police brutality

04-01-2009 00:17

police brutality once more in london

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Palestine Solidarity-Oaxacan Libertarians Arrested

03-01-2009 22:04

Anarchists and libertarians arrested as they march in solidarity with Gaza. Solidarity actions needed urgently.

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Indiscriminate police brutality at Anti-Israel Protests

03-01-2009 21:34

A demonstration that began non-violantly and in high spirits became the scene of chaos and violence as police unleashed indiscriminate violence and brutality against demonstrators in what appears to be a coordinated attack in a tunnel away from public view. Unknown numbers of protestors arrested and numerous injuries including one case requiring hostpital treatment.

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VIDEO: Multiple Israeli air strike on Rafah border with Egypt

03-01-2009 21:20

The e-mail message below from Rafah includes links to two files of videos of the carnage earlier today.

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Brighton Demonstration Against Slaughter in Gaza

03-01-2009 20:44

A crowded Churchill Square
One of the largest demonstrations Brighton & Hove have ever seen took place today. Organised by word of mouth and e-mail in a few days, the energy and numbers took us all by surprise.

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Housing association leaves elderly couple to freeze to death

03-01-2009 11:58

Pavilion Housing Association left a couple in their nineties to freeze to death.

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Israel's War Crimes and "Change we can believe in"

03-01-2009 10:58

What makes Israel immune to prosecution for crimes that are broadcast live on TV? Millions are bearing witness, millions are protesting in all corners of the world but we are left with the official judgment that Israel is only reacting to threats to its national security.