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Fancy resisting an ID & Repression conference in London 26/27 March?

benny bintang | 06.01.2009 00:33 | Repression | Technology | Terror War | South Coast

Security Document World 2009 Conference and Exhibition - Queen Elizabeth II conference centre London 26-27 March

The conference will be dealing with ID cards, border control, and so on, under the umbrella of 'Security Document World conference 2009'

It will be at the QE2 conference centre, in Westminster, literally just behind parliament square if I remember rightly.

Speakers include the heads of the UK passport and identity service, the UK border agency, a former counsel to the 9/11 commission, among others.

I found it via Lockheed Martins website, which openly shows that they sell F-16's to Israel and many other nations obviously, as well as the F-22 Raptor and lots of other nice cuddly weapons systems.

I expect Thales will be there, as they have the contract for ID cards, and of course Lockheed Martin are there partly because they have the contract for the UK Census of 2012.

What we've got here is a Government eroding our freedoms and colluding with the worlds biggest money-making mercenary villains the planet has to offer.

benny bintang
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