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Honduras imposes State of Siege in South: The Struggle Shaking "America"

28-07-2009 20:09

"People here have been fighting for Zelaya’s return for a month now. They are incredibly committed and won’t back down,” he said. He urged people to call Congress and the White House and demand that the U.S. government pressure Micheletti to lift the siege.

White House comment line: 202-456-1111
Congressional switchboard: 202-224-3121

Send an email to Barack Obama using the Latin America Solidarity Coalition/School of the Americas Watch site

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Demonstrate at Communications House TUESDAY 4 August 1–2PM

28-07-2009 11:53

Show solidarity with asylum seekers and migrant workers!
Protest against reporting and detention centres!
TUESDAY 4 August 1–2PM
Demonstrate outside the UK Immigration Service, Communications House
210 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BR (nearest tube – Old Street )

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Ongoing need for people in Calais

28-07-2009 11:22

"We have a real lack of people from UK and France here this week and lots of work to
do.Evictions are looming and we think the Erythreans may even be evicted tomorrow !!...
Please spread the word and get people over here as soon as possible"

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Honduras Coup: the US Connection

27-07-2009 14:33

General Vásquez's troops occupy the presidential palace in Tegucigalpa
The topic most widely debated in Latin America at the moment is what Obama’s administration has got to do with the recent coup in Honduras.

The answer is straightforward – everything. The coup is aligned with US strategic objectives and is going to be used by Washington to regain positions in the region which it lost during George Bush’s presidency.

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Greece: Failed trespass attempt against Pikrodáfni free space!

27-07-2009 11:08

Announcement by the Pikrodáfni free space in Athens, Greece:

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Big Green Gathering Cancelled

27-07-2009 07:11

The Big Green Gathering has been cancelled.

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DISARM DSEi activist arrested for holding a banner outside army showroom

26-07-2009 21:37

Last Saturday, 25th July, activists gathered outside Dalston Kingsland shopping centre, for a demonstration against the army showroom which recently opened there.

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Chavez: US plans to invade Venezuela through Colombia

26-07-2009 18:15

US military presence in the Americas (2009)
Veneuzelan President Hugo Chavez asserted that the U.S. “has plans to invade Venezuela,” and “wants to convert Colombia into the Israel of Latin America.”

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Bigg Green athering forced to cancel at the last minute!

26-07-2009 17:07

After news yesterday that the Big Green Gathering was facing a Hight Court hearing on Monday morning for an injunction against the festival applied for by Mendip District Council and the police, today the directors of the Big Green Gathering seem to have voluntarily surrendered the license for the BGG 2009, and thus cancelling the event just 48 hours before it was due to start. With people already on site setting up the infrastructure for the diferent areas and programs of the festival, and leaving thousands of people wondering what to do with their already bought coach and train tickets, no doubt these knews come as a big dissapointment for many people.

of an injunction

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Demo in support of Amdani Juma [continued Immigration Limbo]

26-07-2009 11:54

At 5pm on Friday 24th July in the Market Square, he and his supporters joined a rally to highlight his predicament.

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Calais: monitoring police activity in the jungle

26-07-2009 09:36

NEW INFO LINES If you are coming to Calais to show solidarity and want information: call (from UK) 00 33 6 34 81 07 10 (from France) 06 34 81 07 10

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Arrest before Nottingham Pride 2009

25-07-2009 21:38

Multiple police arrest someone on the Forest Recreation ground in Nottingham around 11am 25th July 2009 before the Nottingham Pride March.

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Mytilini, Lesvos: Solidarity prevents the deportation of 62 migrants

25-07-2009 16:18

Today’s deportation event was canceled. In the next ones that they will try, with all the powers that we’ve got, we’ll be there.

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Sparks (and Molotovs) fly as police-nazi collaboration stokes the flames of Gree

25-07-2009 12:04

Report and reflections on the violent wave of police and neo-nazi collaboration and ugly the rise of nationalism in Greece, written on the ground, in the squat that was fire bombed this morning...

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Hillary Clinton is a fascist

25-07-2009 11:33

The British mainstream news coverage of Honduras has been non-existent. The CNN coverage has been biased, covering up facts that are well known in the rest of the americas and employing right-wing commentators like Robert Armstrong and the Council of Americas ( a US business organisation) while ignoring ALBA, the OAS and even the UN. Even independent english-language coverage has been poor, inaccurate and lacking.

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Greece: arson attempt against Fabricka Yfanet squat

25-07-2009 10:52

Fabricka Yfanet is an former 19,500 m² factory in Thessaloniki (Greece) that was abandoned by its owners in 1967 and since 20 March 2004 has been occupied by people demanding their freedom from political and economic oppression.

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Get that Tape!

24-07-2009 21:02

Its time for all the citizens of Britain to start taking action against the ridiculous level of surveillance we face in our everyday lives. We have to endure more CCTV than any other nation in the world, even North Korea; while at the same time more and more of our personal data is constantly being added, without any consent necessary, to the world’s largest biometric and DNA database.

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State terror in the slums of Rio de Janeiro (by Latuff)

24-07-2009 20:57

Billboard in downtown Rio de Janeiro
Human rights organizations launched billboards in downtown Rio de Janeiro with my cartoon about state terror in the slums.

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Latest rebellions in South Africa: Pics and analysis

24-07-2009 17:49

The hungry will eat
The international press has been giving considerable coverage to the locally organised series of increasingly militant rebellions that have been sweeping South Africa. But I see that they are generally using the resolutely anti-political language of 'service delivery protests' to explain what is happening - it reminds me of E.P. Thompson's point about the spasmodic mode of interpreting popular political action.

Richard Pithouse introduces a recent article about the rebellions with some quick updates