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Ongoing need for people in Calais

no one is illegal | 28.07.2009 11:22 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression | South Coast | World

"We have a real lack of people from UK and France here this week and lots of work to
do.Evictions are looming and we think the Erythreans may even be evicted tomorrow !!...
Please spread the word and get people over here as soon as possible"

People in Calais need support.
NEW INFO LINES If you are coming to Calais to show solidarity and want information call (from UK) 00 ... from France 06 34 81 07 10

As this article from Greece shows, people on the ground can make a real difference.

There is also advice about collecting stories and evidence of police activities rounding people up being a way to prevent illegal collecitve expulsions.

Travel from London to Calais can be done for about £30-40 depending on when you book and takes about 4hours.

Take a bike/car/camera/camping equipment and something to cook on. Medical supplies, blankets, tarps/money etc always useful.
If you can't go but can donate money please contact via website below

There are updates here

other relavent link here

no one is illegal