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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Pre-EU Mayday Press Propaganda! Oh YES! - Associated Newspapers in Ireland

16-02-2004 18:42

front page IoS
"ARMY ON STANDBY FOR RIOT" - Who could forget that screaming hysterical pre-Mayday 2000 Evening Standard headline, and all the other classics we've seen! Well after several years of hysterical (state-led) press propaganda here, the Irish press now gets a crack at the same dynamite cache of cliches... (and the tricky covert art of infiltrating open meetings!>>>)

But seriously, this is an important topic, and it's high time more corporate journalists spoke out against this kind of so called journalism.

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Metropolitan Police Apology

16-02-2004 02:52

letter from the Met Police to anti-monarchist protesters

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South Korea: Migrant's Union Leader Arrested

15-02-2004 19:38

Samar on one last year's anti-war demonstration in Seoul
Yesterday in the South Korean capital Seoul immigration officers arrested Samar Thapa, the chief of KCTU/ETU-MB.

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MET Police Letter of Apology Over Jubilee Arrests

15-02-2004 16:54

crappy letter of apology
Following the news that 23 anti-royal protestors will get £3,500 each and a written apology for their unlawful arrest at a pub and false imprisonment (including on a number 11 double decker bus!) on the queens jubilee back in June 2002, here's a copy of the letter and a few picstures.

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Culinary richness of Iraq. Movie.

15-02-2004 11:48

A laid table.
Animation/movie about resistance in Iraq.

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7 arrested. Surrey police acting as private security for hunt

14-02-2004 18:49

Press release detailing abuse of Surrey Police powers against hunt saboteurs

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14-02-2004 16:50

crowd control, a website about repression technologies

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ESF democratic deficit!

14-02-2004 14:25

ESF democratic deficit

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Is There A Legal Age for Political Dissent? Teens at Protests!

14-02-2004 13:01

Proud mom...
Teens and Protests...should we be sharing nonviolent protest training with them? Are protests age-rated events? Should a street medic treat a teen without parental consent? Much like sex ed for teens, these topics are thorny...

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Simon Chapman acquitted!

13-02-2004 14:52

Today, a Greek judicial council decided that evidence against British protestor Simon Chapman is not convincing and acquitted him from all charges

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13-02-2004 11:31


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The IsraHell's Separation Wall (by Latuff)

13-02-2004 10:47

Separation Wall
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff. Support The Stop The Wall Campaign:

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Kabul by Submarine

13-02-2004 09:49

[Introduction by Tom Engelhardt: At this point, Afghanistan is certainly the forgotten war and the forgotten "nation-building" project. As Ahmed Rashid, superb reporter and author of the authoritative book Taliban, has written recently in the New York Review of Books, there's a reason why. Most of the country remains a failing non-state. Rashid recently went back to Afghanistan, essentially to retrace a trip he took in 1994-95 when he first covered the Taliban, a bizarre movement largely created by the Pakistani intelligence services and jihadis whose oppressive version of "Islam" bore little relation to anything Afghans had ever known.

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PALESTINE - Film & Presentation

12-02-2004 21:57

humourous look at the situation from Al-Jazeera


7.30pm, Thursday 26th February 2004
East Oxford Community Centre, Cowley Road


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A look at the Bayer injunction

12-02-2004 16:56

Take a look at the terms of the interim court order given to Bayer (if you dare)...

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Solidarity with Munich Prisoner - For immediate release!

12-02-2004 01:48

After the protests against the NATO Security Conference in Munich 6-7 Feb 2004, one person is still in investigation prison. Some solidarity protests took already place. Next Demonstration: Friday, 13 Feb 2004, Munich, Meeting 5pm Stachus/Karlsplatz: March for immidiate release.

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Simon Chapman Letter

11-02-2004 22:40

A letter from Simon...

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4.5 yrs for J18

11-02-2004 20:51

American Anarchist Gets Sent down For J18
Jim Borek Sentenced to 4 1/2 Years

Subject: American Anarchist Gets Sent down For J18

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Lawyers outlaw protest where UK governments fail

11-02-2004 17:30

How one lawyer is abusing the law to succeed where governments have failed and outlaw all forms of legitimate protest, especially for genetic & animal abuse activity. Discussion of how they have been doing this and details for you to take action.