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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Interview with Ewa J. about current situation in Falluja, Iraq

10-04-2004 21:21


Audio Interview with Ewa Jasiewicz who was present at the Balata Installation in Glasgow today, and who spoke about the situation in Palestine and Iraq.

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View from Fallujah - On The Ground in Iraq

10-04-2004 14:55

Yesterday (Good Friday, 4 April 2004) IMC-UK received the following email from journalist Leigh Gordon currently working in Iraq.

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Aldermaston march from Oxford

10-04-2004 10:11

Around 40 marchers left Oxford just now.

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Corruption, Cover-Up & Sexualabuse

09-04-2004 18:46

A Child Raping JUDGE Is Honored In Canada And I Name Him On My Web Site.I've spent a Lifetime seeking JUSTICE.

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To the peoples of the world - Fom Occupied Iraq

09-04-2004 10:15

Falluja Children
The Iraqi people call for international solidarity as they resist attacks by US-led Occupation Forces. It is clear that these attacks are designed to terrorize entire populations of Iraqi towns and neighborhoods.

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Iraqi Marchers Force US to cease Fallujah Attack

09-04-2004 09:45

US miltarity forced to halt attacks on Fallujah by pressure from Iraqi aid initiative-

significantly Bremmer has not has announced a cease fire but has ordered his troops to cease their offensive, so's to avoid an even bigger PR disaster

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Ex Aussie PM & Vietnam Defense Minister says Iraq like Vietnam

08-04-2004 23:42

Former Australian PM and Defence Minister during the Vietnam War, Malcolm Fraser, says Iraq just like Vietnam

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Tibetan lama unjustly sentenced to death - take action!

08-04-2004 15:33

Check out a new online movie made as part of the ongoing campaign to save the life of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche

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Traveller Demo. Central London. Thursday Noon.

07-04-2004 19:53

Roma day Demo Lambeth Bridge

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Democracy in Iraq drowns in blood.

07-04-2004 11:35

Whilst Chomsky sides with Kerry, democracy in Iraq drowns in blood!

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URGENTE desde Bagdad - Observatorio de la Ocupación en Bagdad

06-04-2004 22:54

Iman Khamas, directora del centro del Observatorio de la Ocupación en Bagdad ha remitido esta tarde el siguiente mensaje sobre lo que está ocurriendo en las ciudades iraquíes.

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Wake up world. Christiania is being destroyed

06-04-2004 18:26

What was once seen by many as an example of Denmark's tolerance and humanity, is now being destroyed.

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Warsaw 29 April: demo illegal; fake black bloc

06-04-2004 18:00

the Warsaw 29 April anti-demo has been refused permission;
a major newspaper announces plans of police fake black bloc

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arrested Indymedia journalist (Imc Argentina) free again

06-04-2004 10:10

As already reported on http://www. , the Indymedia Argentina volunteer, who got arrested at a demonstration of peasants and poor neighbours protesting for land for farming and building shelter is free again after big solidarity protests.

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Ban on demonstrations in Russia

06-04-2004 09:26

demonstrations in city centres not permitted any more
A new law on demonstrations introduced in Russia - all demonstrations or rallies near government institutions, highways and other "strategically important " facilities forbidden

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Balata Project Multimedia Exhibition

05-04-2004 23:20

A tank enforces curfew in Balata camp in August.
On Wednesday 7th April the people of Sheffield will have the opportunity to view a free multimedia exhibition bringing Palestinian voices from the Balata, the largest refugee camp in the West Bank. The exhibition will run from 0930-1830 and takes place at The Drum [ex-National Centre for Popular Music], Pasternoster Row, Sheffield S1.

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Sharon: 'Disengagement Plan' Will Not Mean A Return to 1967 Green Line

05-04-2004 18:07

Sharon's plan will destroy Palestinian dreams of an independent state once and for all.

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Info on European Economic Forum in Warsaw (protests and alternative events)

05-04-2004 13:36

Info on the protests and alternative events around the European Economic Forum in Warsaw, (28-30 April 2004) - from IMC Poland:

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EU Mayday Media: "Arms Stash" + "Weapons Stockpile" + "Anarchist Bloodbath Plot"

05-04-2004 12:19

Blimey here we go again! Anyone remember similar stories before Mayday 2000 and other events in London? That infamous "RTS Stockpiling Weapons" and "Anarchists Plan Bloodbath" before the Bush Visit? Well here they all are again, this time in Ireland...

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Palestine Films : Tuesday April 20th

04-04-2004 23:03

Another benefit screening for the refugee education charity bringing together the best in Palestine documentaries.