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View from Fallujah - On The Ground in Iraq

leigh gordon / repost by imc-uk | 10.04.2004 14:55 | Anti-militarism | Repression

Yesterday (Good Friday, 4 April 2004) IMC-UK received the following email from journalist Leigh Gordon currently working in Iraq.

It's kicking off. Come by all means but me and (..) probably won't be around. I mean they're going to crazy. (?) is saying for foreigners to come but its not safe. Sheikh ?. from Falluga said he couldn't guarantee my safety. I mean its going to go crazy, I think foreigners will start getting killed soon ? I mean people are going to start getting desperate, when they've seen their mother father, house, cat, dog, everything bombed they're going to start to attack. They (Americans) have said this operations only going to last 5 days? it's drawing to an end. They need to free up troops on other fronts breaking out all over the country. They're going to go in for the kill. There's no way of guaranteeing anybody's safety. I think you can be useful but its not like you can just not tell your mum and think you'll be back in a week. We're probably going to get killed tomorrow. Come, but we might not be here.

leigh gordon / repost by imc-uk