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Warsaw 29 April: demo illegal; fake black bloc

- | 06.04.2004 18:00 | May Day 2004 | Globalisation | Repression

the Warsaw 29 April anti-demo has been refused permission;
a major newspaper announces plans of police fake black bloc

[en] On Monday 5th April 2004, the coalition of groups organising a demonstration for the 29th April 2004 in Warsaw against the WEF spent two hours talking to police, and politely answered many questions regarding what activists had prepared for the demonstration, what they would do to prevent violence etc.

The end result was that police *refused* permission for the demonstration. Thus, as of present information, the march on 29th April will be illegal. Either the police will give last minute permission, or they will legally be allowed to start massive arrests of hundreds of people before the march starts or during its progress.

[fr] Le lundi 5 avril 2004, la coalition des groupes organisant une manifestation le 29 avril 2004 a Varsovie contre le WEF (Forum Economique Mondial) ont passe deux heures en parlant avec les policiers, et ont poliment repondu aux nombreuses questions detaillees sur ce que les activistes prevoient pour la manif, ce qui est prevu en cas de violence, etc.

Le resultat est que les autorities ont *refuse* l'autorisation a manifester. Donc, a partir des informations disponibles actuellement, la manifestation du 29 avril sera une marche non-legalisee. Soit la police va autoriser la manifestation a la derniere minute, soit elle aura legalement le droit de faire des arrestations en masse avant le debut ou pendant la manifestation.


[en] According to the main right-wing newspaper in Poland, Rzeczpospolita, police have spent 73,000 zloty (20,000 euros) buying materials in order to dress up as fake "black bloc" activists. They plan to participate in the anti-WEF demonstration of 29 April 2004 in order to "secure" it.

[fr] D'apres le principal journal de droite en Pologne, Rzeczpospolita, la police a depense 20.000 euros en achetant des materiaux pour s'habiller en >. Ils prevoient participer dans la manifestation anti-WEF (anti-FEM) du 29 avril 2004 pour la >.


repression (stopping conferences about anti-WEF stuff, phone calls and threats, etc) against anti-WEF activists has been happening systematically for the past few weeks:

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