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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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The Gary McKinnon show starts countdown to European HR court.

30-07-2008 18:12

if i needed a thumb I would thumb it at you
A long time ago in a galaxy just down memory lane a young Glaswegian Gary McKinnon made the news. 4 years later he was still making it :-

Since then he has had documentaries made about him, a support website set up for him, been to courts and even the Lords. He spoke movingly about not wanting to be sent to Gitmo. Quite sensible too.

In Gitmo no-one hears you scream.

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Four Mink Freed For Austrian Prisoners in Open Rescue

30-07-2008 16:02

The Open Rescue Team of Igualdad Animal (Animal Equalty) have rescued four mink from a fur farm in northern Spain. This is the second open rescue by Igualdad Animal (in August 2007, six baby pigs were rescued from an intensive farm).


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Sarah Gisborne was released today

30-07-2008 00:40

Sarah Gisborne was sentenced to six and a half years for "conspiracy" to cause criminal damage, later reduced to five and a half years on appeal.

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SOCPA Is Dead but the police harassment continues

29-07-2008 23:35

i reported here why the socpa legislation governing protest near parliament is dead and buried -
but this afternoon, police began a new campaign of harassment against brian haw's peace camp

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When Justice Turns Vendetta

29-07-2008 21:33


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Chiswick Free Burma Protest against Total Oil

28-07-2008 21:50

Six protesters from held a demonstration at Chiswick West Four Total petrol station, 137 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick W4 2ED on 23rd July. They called for French Total Oil to stop funding the brutal Burmese junta with hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the French Total operated Yadana gas pipeline. Burma earns most of its foreign currency from gas exports and spends 50% of its budget on the military in a war against its own people. Since the mid 1990s French Total Oil has played a significant role in keeping the brutal Burmese junta in power, against the wishes of the Burmese people.

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North Camp street parking

28-07-2008 15:15

ticket machine obstructing highway
Car parking restrictions imposed without public consultation in North Camp are unlawful and unenforceable. That the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor continues to collect monies from an unlawful scheme opens the council, its officers and individual councillors to criminal prosecution.

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Sign Petition for Faraj Hassan

28-07-2008 14:38

Faraj Hassan is currently being subjected to Financial Sanctions ostensibly by the United Nations, but in reality this has been applied by both the Italian and British Governments who are aware that this sanction should never have been applied yet continue to mentally torture this young man of 28.

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Criminal Charges made against Austrian State Officials

28-07-2008 10:15

Criminal Charges made against Austrian State Officials by Peter Pilz of the Austrian Green Party
28th July

In the scandal surrounding ten Austrian animal rights advocates detained in remand prison, Austrian Green Party security spokesman and leader of the parliament select committee on internal affairs, pressed today for criminal charges against two police investigators, a state prosecutor and two remand judges, who all stand now accused of abuse of authority, defamation and libel, illegal arrest and damage of property.

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New American ELF Prisoner: Brian Lefey

27-07-2008 10:16

Urgent ELP! Bulletin (26th of July 2008)

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Free the Cuban Five!

26-07-2008 18:47

Free the Cuban Five
International Pressure Grows, Demanding U.S. Release of the "Cuban Five" Anti-Terrorists
(tune in to Sunday for live interview with committee representative)

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Raga P and Trial delay of Malaysian Activists.

26-07-2008 11:27

image from Raja Petra's Site
This is a heads up on some of the repressions in Malaysia , from
colleagues and friends caught up in the new rules, regulations
and problems- which really have been building up since Anwar's
first trial.

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ALF Respond to Roundup of Lawful Activists by Freeing Animals

25-07-2008 22:26

On May 21st in Austria, the government carried out an unprecedented round-up of the country’s most prominent, above-ground, lawful animal advocates. Some of them have been on hunger strike in protest. The Guardian reports that “shelter workers, animal welfare teachers and public campaign organizers” are held “under suspicion of membership in ‘a criminal organisation.’”

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News from the Austrian Prisoners

25-07-2008 19:27

Sad Birthday Party for Jürgen infornt of the Jail
Last week we “celebrated” Kevin’s, Jürgen’s and Felix’s birthdays outside the prisons. These were not normal vegan birthday parties.

More info (English solidarity website) and

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Andy Stepanian's Birthday in 2 Weeks

25-07-2008 10:54

Andy is serving 3 years for "conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act", which is basically a US version of Section 145 SOCPA, to "conspire to interfere with contractual relationships so as to harm animal research organisation", although much broader to protect all animal abusing industries from democractic protest and criticism.

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SUNDAY Training: Self-Defense on Actions

25-07-2008 10:02

Workshop dealing with police "interaction" and discussions on security and tactics.

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London IWW demo at Polish Embassy

25-07-2008 08:28

A small demonstration called by London IWW in support of a radical union, 'Workers' Initiative' (Inicjatiwa Pracownicza) in Poland. The demo was called to support WI members being discriminated against in the Polish postal service, and particularly the sacking of a member - Bartosz Kantorczyk - for his lead role in a wave of strikes last year.

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SOCPA Is Dead And Buried

25-07-2008 00:38

in westminster magistrates court yesterday, an admission was made by the prosecutors that lent weight to the belief that SOCPA can no longer be used against protestors near parliament

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Raymond James & Staples Demos In DC

24-07-2008 09:45

DC Continues to Hammer Raymond James and Staples
Friday, July 11, 2008