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The Gary McKinnon show starts countdown to European HR court.

in Gitmo no-one hears you scream. | 30.07.2008 18:12 | Analysis | Other Press | Repression | World

A long time ago in a galaxy just down memory lane a young Glaswegian Gary McKinnon made the news. 4 years later he was still making it :-

Since then he has had documentaries made about him, a support website set up for him, been to courts and even the Lords. He spoke movingly about not wanting to be sent to Gitmo. Quite sensible too.

In Gitmo no-one hears you scream.

if i needed a thumb I would thumb it at you
if i needed a thumb I would thumb it at you

Today the Lords turned down his appeal & ruled that he ought be extradited to the USA where the prosecutors want "to fry him". We might search for reasons why their lordships would want to send a 42 year old to fry for doing less damage to US Defence computer systems than the Peoples' Republic of China or Microsoft with their damn patches.

Gary's lawyers will now bring his case to the European Court of Human Rights to prevent his removal. This I believe (correct me if I'm wrong be the motto I verily write by) is the second time the ECHR has been mentioned this Summer on IMC UK. The last time was the appeal case of Mathew an Austrian chimpanzee who might be the first to test case the "great ape declaration" at European level and stop his scheduled destruction due to the bankruptcy of the lab in which he was kept in a cage.

However Gary's case doesn't really have much in common with the simian rights issues of the "planet of the apes" type Mathew's case touches on. Nor is Gary's case really about UFO's or the plausible existence of a extra-terrestial military force spending the patent yields of velcro and paperclips above our heads at this very minute. It is about something alltogether more shady and sinister - the exercise of power through fear and the reinforcement of incredulity in our societies through carefully managed cognitive dissonance techniques.

It is my contention that Mr Mc Kinnon is being used.

Or was it really only fair to give Gary his few minutes again as the BBC did in an exclusive interview this afternoon?

He is afterall the only non-fictional person whose name immediately conjurs to our imaginations the insect bzzzing of both black helicopters and the notion that people can appeal extradition to the dark dungeons of the USA. All in the name of guessing passwords in the most clichéd geeky way & as such Gary Mc Kinnon must not only inspire our compassion but evince our jibes.

in Gitmo no-one hears you scream.