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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Free the Thessaloniki 8 news Broadcasts

12-10-2003 18:12

Qucktime videos of the London Tonight broadcasts and interviews re Thessaloniki 8 hunger strike.

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Is the United States of America plotting to murder Venezuela’s President?

12-10-2003 14:29

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez cancelled a planned trip last month to the United Nations General Assembly’s opening debate, explaining that he did so because of a potential threat on his life. His government’s intelligence agencies had reportedly warned of a plot backed by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to sabotage his plane in flight from Caracas to New York City.

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What are the danger's of being microchipped....

11-10-2003 22:58

this is about the danger's of being microchipped copied from another site the commentary follows the first article.

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Mumia Honorary Citizen of Paris, Appeal Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied

11-10-2003 12:16

Mumia Abu-Jamal's appeal denied, Honorary Citizen of Paris
While Mumia Abu-Jamal was named an Honorary Citizen of Paris on saturday 4th October, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has denied his appeal on technical ground of expiration of time limitations, not on any substantive issues.

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150 hear of the reality of Iraqi & Palestinian occupations

10-10-2003 16:15

The American inspectors have failed to find illegal weapons. Robin’s Cook’s diaries reveal that Tony Blair had pre-war knowledge that Iraq had no illegal weapons. Israel has just launched an unprovoked attack on Syria and continues to illegally occupy Palestinian lands. This meeting will allow the people of Oxford to discover more
about these issues and ask their own questions.

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News Alert: Bir Zeit University

10-10-2003 09:06

The Israeli Occupation Forces have closed the Ramallah-Birzeit Road. It is important to note that this is the first time the Ramallah-Birzeit Road has been totally closed, prohibiting even pedestrian traffic, since the start of the current semester on September 13, 2003. This year, the number of students accepted into the University reached over 1500 and the number of students reached a record high of over 6,000 students.

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Walk for the orphans of Iraq

08-10-2003 14:21

Susan Karim fled Saddam's Iraq and now she lives in Britain. She will be walking from Dundee to Edinburgh to raise money Iraqi orphans.
Starting at the Tay Bridge, Saturday 18th October.
Finishing at the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Wednesday 29th October.

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BBC article on Simon Chapman

07-10-2003 22:24

Article on Simon Chapman and the Thessaloniki

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ATTN: Karl Rove Is Fair Game

07-10-2003 14:27

You notice the word "rove"
is right there in the middle
of the word controversial?

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'If you think the Clearances are gone, think again'

07-10-2003 10:04

CHRISTA and John Hale visibly fill with pride as they describe how they have transformed their beloved Highland home from a dilapidated wreck into a rural idyll.

Rented 13 years ago to fulfil the Hale's dream of retiring in their favourite glen in Edzell, Angus, the couple have spent more than £50,000 on the farmhouse in which they expected to spend the rest of their days.

"We are very scared and threatened. No one has the means to stay here."

But now they, and about 20 other families, are to lose their homes as they become the victims of the latest ruthless Highland clearance by one of Britain's richest families.

And to add insult to injury the Hales and their neighbours have been offered £10 by the Cayzer family to show prospective buyers around their own homes.

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One more player in the 'fake war' tragically dies

07-10-2003 08:58

James Forlong, an award-winning journalist who had loyally served the nation tragically died on Saturday.

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Tower Bridge protest for jailed London man

06-10-2003 00:29

Article from London Network News on Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity demo

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05-10-2003 21:58


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Oil War and Climate Change conference Sat 11th Oct

05-10-2003 21:22

An announcement for a large gathering to bring together information, experience, inspiration and campaign ideas on the linked themes of Oil, War. and Climate Change on the 11th October in London.

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Thessaloniki Solidarity Demonstration - Photos

05-10-2003 20:34

crowd and banner 1
Photos from Thessaloniki Solidarity demonstration at Tower Bridge, London today (6th October, 2003)

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No peace for self-publicist Blaine while British prisoner starves in Greece

05-10-2003 20:07

Free the Saloniki 7!

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Thessaloniki Solidarity Demo

05-10-2003 12:18

This morning a successful action - in solidarity with the Thessaloniki Prison Hunger Strike - was carried out on Tower Bridge, opposite the box containing the starving man (more fool him...)

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Anti EU Summit protests: timeline

05-10-2003 12:12

Timeline of the protests in Rome on October 4th.

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Heavy repression against anti- EU summit protestors in Rome

04-10-2003 20:34

Today tens of thousends of protestors marched through Rome opposing the EU Summit that was taking place to discuss the European Constitution.