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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Miffed by Miffy

22-06-2007 14:34

Miffy joins the monkey wrench gang
I don't know how it came about but the Miffy rabbit character has for a long time been associated with the EarthFirst! movement and radical ecological direct action. But do the creators and copyright owners of the character know or approve of Miffy's political activities?...

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SPEAKing out at the Oxford Encaenia ceremony 2007

22-06-2007 13:27

the campaign against the oxford lab continues......

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Lawyers claim British government approved systematic policy of torture in Iraq

22-06-2007 11:45

Lawyers are claiming that the British government approved a systematic policy of torture of detainees in Iraq.

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UK fishing fleet set to destroy Argentinean rural families

21-06-2007 23:28

The EU and the UK government are financing a project to try and develop biofuels for the UK fishing fleet. The Sea Fish Industry Authority manage the project. The British company Regenatec want to import large quantities of Argentinean soya for biofuels for the fishing fleet. Soya expansion is the driving force behind the rapid destruction of Argentina's semi-arid Chaco forest and the humid Yungas forest.

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screening of 'Move' documentary on June 28 at rampART

21-06-2007 17:49

Move poster
Talk by Ramona Africa, sole survivor of the 1985 FBI bombing of MOVE's
house, where 11 adults and children were murdered, and screening of The MOVE

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Coming Soon to a Mall Near You: Dadullah’s “Suicide Bomber” Grads

20-06-2007 13:16

In short, it appears the groundwork for an attack against either the United States, Europe, or both, is underway, and for the usual reasons—to terrorize the blinkered public into acquiescing to a police state, a project well advanced but in need of a few important flourishes.

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Help Send Books and a Bookmobile to Cuba!

20-06-2007 11:15

The US embargo on trade with Cuba continues. This summer Pastors for Peace will again challenge the blockade with a friendship caravan. A fully stocked bookmobile will accompany it. Before the revolution there were only 32 libraries in Cuba. In 2002 there were 400 public libraries and 6000 school libraries. Cubans are avid readers and life long learners but Cuban librarians struggle to meet their needs under the blockade. We urge you join us in sending books to Cuba!

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Resisting the FIT teams: a proposal for action

19-06-2007 23:58

A proposal to start ending our own repression and to start resisting the actions of the Forward Intelligence Teams.

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brecon eviction update!

19-06-2007 13:14

The Eviction continues with two arrests on the ground and people locked on in the tree tops, there are also people underground with substantial supplies! please support these people by donating towards fines etc on the "fight the pipe" website.

if anyone can make it they need the support!

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Barcelona's Police Surround and Repress Protest Again

18-06-2007 17:57

part of the crowd surrounded by lines of cops
On Sunday, 17 June 2007, about 1000 people gathered in Barcelona to protest against police repression, under a banner that read “la represió mai ens tallerá les ales,” ("Repression will never cut our wings")

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Infiltration and Inefficiencies in State Regulatory Agencies

18-06-2007 13:26

The person/s (activists, perhaps assassins) the agencies seek in relation to the approaching APEC summit may be known to the activist and broader political community; it is therefore with extreme prejudice that we cite government failures in relation to security and policing matters. The APEC summit may become the greatest security failure in Australian history. Infiltration/undercover operations are a two-edged sword; however, that sword has been broken by anti-corruption zealots in NSW. The State now faces gaping inefficiencies and a lack of urgently required expertise.

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Could Gaza go it alone?

18-06-2007 11:38

A one-state, a two-state solution? Now the talk is of a three state solution. Israel would never accept an independent Palestinian State.

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Enough Occupation Palestine Demo - MP3s of all speeches

18-06-2007 09:16

Full coverage of the Enough Occupation Demonstration & Rally in London on 9th June 2007. Include MP3 audio of all the speeches (20+) and lots of photos

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Leader of Iraq's Scary SCIRI has Died!

17-06-2007 15:16

The leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (Scary SCIRI) Abdul Hakim is dead!

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G8 2007 - Been there, done that. What next? discussion - Sun 24th June @ Rampart

16-06-2007 16:26


Sunday 24th June 2007

Discussion and social night

with repression update, and films and footage

discussion begins at 4pm

@ Rampart Social Centre

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SOCPA - THE MOVIE showing tomorrow

16-06-2007 12:18

socpa movie pics
after nearly two years of work, it's finally here. funny, shocking, thought-provoking, and hopefully inspirational by turns, it's a one-hour documentary with original music soundtrack covering the fight against the 'serious organise crime and police act 2005' that outlawed 'unauthorised' protest near parliament.

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Will Sudan be Re-Colonized?

15-06-2007 23:27

The United States is maneuvering to introduce a UN peacekeeping force into Darfur, as a first step to securing control of the region’s vast supply of oil. US control of Darfur’s petroleum resources would deliver highly profitable investment opportunities to US firms, and scuttle China’s investment in the region, thereby slowing the rise of a strategic competitor whose continued industrial growth depends on secure access to foreign oil. Washington is using highly exaggerated charges of genocide as a justification for a UN intervention it would dominate, while at the same time opposing a workable peacekeeping plan acceptable to the Sudanese government that would see the current African Union mission in Darfur expand.