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G8 2007 - Been there, done that. What next? discussion - Sun 24th June @ Rampart

whoever | 16.06.2007 16:26 | G8 Germany 2007 | Globalisation | Repression | London


Sunday 24th June 2007

Discussion and social night

with repression update, and films and footage

discussion begins at 4pm

@ Rampart Social Centre

So the G8 summit is over for another year. Another big protest with lots of action, meetings, fun and annoyances. Huge blockades, self-organisation, lots of energy spent and gained.

Was it worth it? Did we succeed? Did we fail? What did we want to achieve anyway?

We want to reflect on what happened – what worked, what didn't – and how we can do better next time. And what exactly to do next time. What lessons did we learn, or find that we should have learnt? What did we learn that will be useful for all our other struggles against this system of destruction? Let's use the energy we mustered during the protests to make our future actions even better!

Get some feedback about repression, share your experiences of the G8, in Germany or elsewhere, and plot and scheme future ideas for protests.

Sunday 24th June
4pm til late
with G8 films and footage from Germany

@ Rampart Social Centre
15 Rampart Street E1 2LA〈=&pc=E12LA&advanced=&client=public&addr2=&quicksearch=E1%202LA&addr3=&addr1=


Cycling or Walking

Basically you want to get to Commerical Rd and it’s junction with New Street (which runs North towards Whitechapel) and Cannon Street Road (which runs South towards Cable Street). This junction is not far from the McDonald’s drive thru which sadly is a good landmark when asking for directions in the area since nobody will have heard of rampART street.

Rampart Street is just a couple of seconds from the traffic lights at the junction of New Street/Canon Street Rd and Commercial Road. If you go East from the traffic lights (away from the city (you can see the famous Gerkin building to the West)) and then take the first road on the right which is Rampart Street.

Follow rampART street down and you’ll find the rampART at the end of the second block of buildings on your left. It’s number 15/17 and your should be able to spot it quite easily.

Public Transport

Rampart Street is about an equal distance from Whitechapel, Aldgate East and Shadwell (which includes the DLR and the East London Line). It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to walk to/from those stations. Shadwell DLR has no barriers or ticket inspectors.

Bus routes that stop just at the top of Rampart Street on Commerical Road include 15 and 115. You can also get the 100 to nearby Shadwell which comes from South London. On Whitechapel High Street (about 5 mins walk away), you have the number 25 (the ‘free’ bendy bus) and the 205 among others.