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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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StopWar Picket of Chetwynd Barracks, Nottingham: The Pictures

30-04-2005 21:51

Chetwynd Barracks, Chilwell is where most of the Reservists and TA’s being sent to Iraq are mustered. Nottingham Stop the War Coalition picketed the main entrance of Chetwynd Barracks so as to reach out to service personnel and their families. We wanted to persuade them not to support the war in Iraq.

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Alabama-USA,attempts to ban gay authored books..

30-04-2005 14:58

The state of Alabama,may be about the debate the banning
of books by gay authors.

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Desperate Jack Straw drags Iraqi Prime Minister into Blackburn campaign

30-04-2005 08:52

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has enlisted the support of Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari in a desperate and controversial move to avoid defeat in his "safe" constituency of Blackburn, Lancashire.

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MaydayMayday!! Peace Party callout to Sedgefield

30-04-2005 00:13

Peace Party plan to unsettle Blair in Sedgefield! While the people party, anti-war activists will plot and scheme
Blair's electoral downfall in his own constituency.

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29-04-2005 09:54

Attached please kindly find the human rights abuses towards Burmese refugees who were forcefully relocated in Thailand. First of all, they were emotionally and physically forced into exile by Burma. Thank your for your concern.

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Rory Bremner backs Keys and Murray

29-04-2005 09:45

Writing in today's Daily Mail, Rory Bremner said:

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NWO: Police State Cyber Raids?

29-04-2005 07:34

Organizers of a controversial pro civil rights group have once more experienced a concerted effort by as yet unidentified ‘cyber terrorists’.

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Tell Australia to Stop Stealing from East Timor

29-04-2005 05:13

Fax Australia's Prime Minister Howard - Tell the Australian Government to Stop Stealing East Timor's Resources and East Timor's Future:

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video of arrest while filming

28-04-2005 23:12

Here is a quick edit of the events leading up to my arrest last month while filming a demo in london.

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Britain's professors against peace but are really Racists

28-04-2005 18:27

English Bigots claim to be liberal but the their limited selection shows their real racist nature

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ICOPA X1: International Conference on Penal Abolition

28-04-2005 01:34

We will be linking with the ANZSOC criminology conference happening from 7-9th of February 2006 in Tasmania. They haven't finalised the program yet, but do plan to have four plenary sessions around the theme of Human Rights:

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Fascism in America

28-04-2005 01:31

The American Democracy Charade

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The Democracy Charade

28-04-2005 01:29

Torture and Repression within Britain

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27-04-2005 19:25

NOTTING HILL HOUSING TRUST - abuse of tenants continues

Why does the well paid newly appointed Chief Executive not take any action concerning all the very many complaints from tenants of the trust.

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C4News gets Goldsmith's war advice.

27-04-2005 19:03

Channel 4 News has obtained a copy of the Attorney General's 'Iraq war' advice (summary).

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Turkish activists in court – supporters call for international solidarity

27-04-2005 05:28

On 27 April, 46 men and women will go before the Turkish ‘special main criminal court’, charged with ‘terrorism’. They were arrested in 2004 while demonstrating against proposed new laws to impose stringent restrictions on the living conditions of Turkey’s political prisoners.

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State of the Prison System

27-04-2005 01:32

All the world's a prison
The city's first jail was a 7-by 5-foot cage built in 1693 for the detention of miscreants. Criminals convicted of minor offenses were sentenced to banishment, branding and public whipping. Charges such as counterfeiting, treason, spying, desertion from the Army, burglary, robbery, piracy, rape, sodomy and murder were considered capital offenses, and convicts were subject to execution by hanging.

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Pictures from Rising Tide climate chaos banner outside BP HQ

26-04-2005 22:38

banner is directly opposite BP HQ - unmissable
Some pics of the brilliant climate chaos banner that London Rising Tide climbers hung directly opposite BP's London headquarters in St James Sq. I breezed in during the evening after they finally unfurled it.

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Timetable for London Anti-authoritarian Film Festival 30th April

26-04-2005 16:48


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Dissent! website compromised?

26-04-2005 15:24

The Dissent! agaisnt the G8 website may have been compromised. The URL returns a longish error message.