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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Briana Waters' snitch gets 1 year less

18-07-2008 22:05

Briana Waters; a caring mother and environmentalist
Briana gets 6 years with 3 years probation, her snitch - Jennifer Kolar - gets to serve a year less and pay $7.1 million to the University of Washington.

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Town centre regeneration schemes

18-07-2008 15:34

For whose benefit has disastrous town centre regeneration schemes been foisted onto local communities?

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Stop the War Activist in Nottingham Magistrates Court

18-07-2008 00:40

0n Thursday afternoon, 17th July, people gathered to demonstrate outside Nottingham Magistrates Court (off Carrington Street), in support of Henry Twigger.

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The Bloody Battle of Genoa

17-07-2008 19:36

A definite trend has developed at such secret summits.

Provocateurs Caught at Montebello SPP Protest

Globe Montebello Editorial Reveals Bias

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Solidarity and support for VOCAL and the Oaxacan social movement

17-07-2008 17:54

Denunication of ongoing repression and call for international solidarity with VOCAL and the Oaxacan social movement.

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Communique: Perama Police Station Arson in Athens

17-07-2008 14:58

Report from mass-media ( A "red beret"-styled incendiary attack by around 20 hooded persons was realised at 5:30 in the dawn against the Police Station of Perama. The unidentified persons riding 10 motorbikes targeted the parked patrol cars outside the Police Station. The youth hurled two molotovs and a firework to provoke confusion and then threw 41 gas canisters beyond the police patrol cars and next to the police motorbikes. From the fire caused, 3 vehicles were totally wrecked, and another two seriously damaged. More than 4 motorbikes were burnt. Local residents were terrified from the loud blasts. Policemen found dozens of gas canisters near the police station. The perpetrators of the attack, on their way back, set a garbage bin on fire and set it on Irinis Avenue as a barricade, to make the police hunt after them more difficult.

A translation of the communique sent via e-mail to

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St Modwen financial crisis

17-07-2008 14:55

St Modwen non-existent yuppie flats for sale
St Modwen, St Modwen the Destroyer, otherwise known as The Developer from Hell, appears to be in financial crisis.

Massive write down of value of assets, first half losses of £20 million, shares at half their previous high. The recommendation in the business and investment pages of The Independent was to sell!

Burying cash in the sand would be a more fruitful investment!

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2001 G8 Genova police lost control

17-07-2008 04:49

2001 G8 Genova police lost control

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Antispeciesist Action Press Release: Carnival Against Vivisection

17-07-2008 03:43


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Carnival Against Vivisection - Program/Newsletter

16-07-2008 23:08

For the Carnival Against Vivisection on Saturday 6th September in Ledbury against Sequani labs, a six-page program/newsletter has been produced. It also works as a four-page program for anyone who prefers printing A3 double sided.

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Sean Kirtley's Appeal Launched

16-07-2008 16:11

From the Ledbury Report, 11th July

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A Complete Miscarriage of Justice in Austria

16-07-2008 14:02

A Complete Miscarriage of Justice — OLG Upholds Pre-trial Confinement for Animal Rights Activists!

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ALB interviews the Cuban Libertarian Movement

16-07-2008 13:27

* During mid-June 2008 the Iberian counter-information collective A Las Barricadas posed several questions to the MLC, an affinity group of Cuban anarchism abroad. The complete text of this interview follows.

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Carnival Against Vivisection! - German, French and Spanish Translators needed

15-07-2008 11:21

English Version
A huge thank you to those who are currently translating a polish version and helped with the Italian version below.

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G8 Genoa: Police receive low sentences

15-07-2008 11:15

[Media G8way | Gipfelsoli Infogroup]

Press release, July 15th 2008

* Lawyers criticize judges
* Week of action in Genoa

After nine hours the "Bolzaneto trial" against 45 members of police, jail staff and doctors ended yesterday evening in Genoa. The accused persons were under investigation for the misuse of authority, constraint, abuse, intimidation, and falsification of evidence. 300 demonstrators were arrested during the protests against the G8, most of whom were brought to police barracks that were being used as temporary jails.

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Italian officials convicted over G8 protest

15-07-2008 10:30

An Italian court has found 15 officials guilty of mistreating protesters following violent demonstrations at G8 meeting in the city of Genoa in 2001.
A judge handed down prison sentences ranging from five months to five years to the accused - who include police, prison officials and two doctors.
Another 30 defendants were cleared of charges, including assault.

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RATB tells Lloyds TSB: Hands off Cuba!

14-07-2008 22:47

Rock around the Blockade demonstration against British bank’s complicity with the US blockade of Cuba

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Carnival Against Vivisection! March details, Important Police Information

14-07-2008 21:06

As some of you will already know, the police issued a s12 and 14 to protesters last time there was a protest at Sequani which informed them that no more than 50 protesters could protest near the labs. They are going to need 1000 police to stop us if they think we aren't going to the labs this time.

Some advice for anyone who is attending the carnival.


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We are hostages of an oppressive anti-democratic regime

14-07-2008 16:44

Hereby, we address our call to the civil society in democratic Europe, especially from the Czech republic, to the free mass-media to help us in the justified and lawful effort of autoexilation in order for us to be able to activate as free human beings and as a perfectly legal organization.

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Collapse of town centre regeneration schemes

14-07-2008 14:41

The first casualty of the property crash and credit crunch has been the collapse of town centre regeneration schemes.