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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Take action to stop Anselme being deported

26-04-2010 21:17

Anselme Noumbiwa is a person seeking sanctuary in Great Britain. He faces deportation to his home nation, Cameroon, where he will be in danger of torture and possibly death. Please take action to stop his deportation.

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S036.NET attacked by German Police

26-04-2010 19:41
German Radical ISP has homes and data centre raided by German cops

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Urgent Need For Help For Antifa-Poland

26-04-2010 17:00

On 24.04.10 antifascist demonstration was to be held in Białystok.

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Free Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo Bay, London - Pictures.

25-04-2010 14:11

No injustice can last forever.
Campaigners gather outside Downing Street to bring attention to the case of Shaker Aamer, a detainee who is the last British citizen to remain in incarceration at the notorious US military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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Urgent: Protest in Defence of Gaza Demonstrators 26/4/10

25-04-2010 10:35

Protest in Defence of Gaza Demonstrators Monday 26 April 9.30am
Isleworth Crown Court, 36 Ridgeway Road, Isleworth TW7 5LP

Yet another young man, who had the strength and courage to take a stand against the collective punishment of 1.5 million people in Gaza during the Gaza bombing last year, is in court on Monday.

Martin Askew, a writer from London, faces a lengthy prison term if the jury find him guilty of violent disorder. Mr Askew was himself brutally attacked by a police sergeant who gave evidence last week saying he "hit him as hard as I could" in the head with his full-body shield. The jury had earlier seen footage of Mr Askew showing peace signs to police lines moments before he was attacked. The police sergeant in question said he "jabbed" Mr Askew because he had been "distracting" police and had to "take him out".

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St Ann's Well Café to close

24-04-2010 13:43

St Ann's Well, Malvern Hills - Steve Luttrell
After 20 years, St Ann's Well Café in the Malvern Hills is due to close.

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Deportation to Gaza Ghetto (by Latuff)

24-04-2010 03:19

Holocaust-Déjà vu
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against US-backed IsraHell's state terror.

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heavies sent in to rampart at globe road -- join us tomorrow at noon.

23-04-2010 21:48

A bunch of heavies broke into the rampart social centre's new location on 105 Globe Road tonight (friday, 23 April) at 10:30 pm. There were about 20 of us here watching films. The goons left, but said they wanted everyone out of building by 2 pm tomorrow.

We invite everyone, and their cameras, to come down and join us to welcome them. Come down at noon.

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Polish anarchist detained in Athens

23-04-2010 16:59

Polish anarchist, Michal Pawlak, was arrested in Grece on 6th of december 2009 and isawaiting trial for making explosives in infamous Koridallos prison in Athens.

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Greece joins the IMF, people take to the streets

23-04-2010 14:43

updates on the Occupied London blog

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yes sir. NO SIR! - Private Joe Glenton - Witness Statement of defence

22-04-2010 14:39

It's all bollocks - Charity Sweet

This is the defence statement of Private Joe Glenton that the defence did not offer the courts? Y? Please copy and post this statement on any and every site you can find to support this real hero... perhaps lay a flower at the foot of Parliament in memory of those fallen heros and all the lost lives of children of war. "All war is wrong." - Joe Glenton

(Details of judicial corruption to follow shortly regarding his appeal 4 justice that fell on deaf war-mongering ears.)

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Answers demanded about death of detainee at Oakington

21-04-2010 16:45

Death of Kenyan man in Oakington last week offically recorded as unsuspicious. But Detainees in Oakington are saying otherwise. 60 imprisoned following protests. Cambridge Migrant Solidarity following up the injustices in Oakington...

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Trial Against Argentinian Torturers

21-04-2010 10:42

Trial against Argentineans torturers is going ahead.

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Statement from the UK Zapatista Solidarity Network

20-04-2010 23:05

Statement in defence of Bolon Ajaw from the national meeting of the UK Zapatista Solidarity Network


17th April 2010

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The both-hands system

20-04-2010 22:34

The both-hands system
During the last episode of our radio program we have had the chance of stressing once more the support to the only candidate who was for us worth voting for: nobody. Once upon a time in Italy, as well as in Europe, in order to give a strong sign of intolerance against the world of politics, people used to divert their votes to minor parties and often radical ones. Today the discontent it is clearly shown by the extremely high persistent abstention.

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Bita Ghaedi Deportation Fails after massive campaign launched.

20-04-2010 21:58

Activists on the Streets.
This afternoon, her partner, Mohsen and his solicitor fought furiously to prevent the flight with appeals and an injunction. A large number of supporters, friends and activists remained on standby to travel to London Heathrow Airport ready to act. Peace campaigners deployed themselves in London and Washington even showing up in television news reports being broadcast from outside the British Parliament building.

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Law and Sausages: How Not to Legislate for The Digital Economy #debill

20-04-2010 17:50

Attached is the audio and the slides from a presentation titled 'Law and Sausages: How Not to Legislate for The Digital Economy' that Lilian Edwards, Professor of Internet Law at Sheffield University gave at the Café Scientifique, in The Showroom, Sheffield, on 19th April 2010.

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May 15th 2010: Mass Action for Freedom of Movement

20-04-2010 17:39

May 15th, 2010
There's now just under a month to go before the Paris Day of Action for Freedom of Movement!
...Have a read of this mini-update & book your travel now...

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Save Bita Ghaedi from Deportation, Home Office, London - pictures

19-04-2010 18:10

The Redundant Home Office!
The day before her deportation takes place, supporters of Bita Ghaedi gather in London to object to her forced removal to Iran. Bita is an Iranian woman who has been living in the UK and campaigning against chronic human rights abuses committed in Iran during recent Pro-Democracy protests.

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AINDF on Anniversary of April Popular Uprising

18-04-2010 06:21

The Anti Imperialist National Democratic Front of south article on the 50th anniversary of the April Popular Uprising in south Korea which toppled south Korean dictator Syngham