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Greece joins the IMF, people take to the streets

greek from afar | 23.04.2010 14:43 | Repression | World

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13.55 GMT+2 A few minutes ago, Greek PM Panandreou announced from the tiny island of Kastelorizo that his government will officially ask for the joint IMF-EU “rescue” plan to be activated – effectively throwing the country into one of the steepest traps of global capitalism. Corporate media report that at this stage, 40 bn euros will be borrowed in total.

* In Athens, a demonstration has been called for at 18.30 tonight at the Propylea, by the grassroots trade unions.

* In Heraclion, Crete a demonstration will start from the Liontaria Square at 6pm

* In Thessaloniki, a demonstration will start at 7pm from the Venizelos statue

* In Xanthi, a meeting will take place at 7pm at the Polytechnic

The list will keep getting updated…


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