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Polish anarchist detained in Athens

wila | 23.04.2010 16:59 | Repression | World

Polish anarchist, Michal Pawlak, was arrested in Grece on 6th of december 2009 and isawaiting trial for making explosives in infamous Koridallos prison in Athens.

Despite the lack of evidence, Michal was detained for 6 months, and as the information about his imprisonment hasn’t reach the Greek comrades he hasn’t received much support from outside the walls until now. Only recently he manage to inform his Polish frieds about the detention and the campaign of support is under way.
According to the Greek law, the court will consider his release only after half a year of detention, in June this year. Besides that Michal remains in a high spirit, asking the comrades outside to send him anarchist literature and press in Polish or English to help him in keeping hope for the coming release.
His prison address:

Michal Pawlak
Dikastikes Filakes Koridallos
T.K.18110 Athens

- e-mail:
- Homepage: