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Interview with Ewa J. about current situation in Falluja, Iraq

ab | 10.04.2004 21:21 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression | World

Audio Interview with Ewa Jasiewicz who was present at the Balata Installation in Glasgow today, and who spoke about the situation in Palestine and Iraq.

Ewa Jasiewicz is currently touring Scotland on a speaking tour.

For the last eight months Ewa Jasiewicz has been living in Baghdad and Basra, supporting human rights groups, womens organisations, families, workers, trade unionists and Palestinian refugees. She also lived for 6 months with communities of resistance in Jenin and Nablus in Occupied Palestine, volunteering with Paramedics at the Red Crescent Society, monitoring checkpoints, delivering food and medicine, accompanying council workers, teachers and children during curfew, and organising demonstrations. She has written for Red Pepper, Electronic Iraq, Z-Net, Counterpunch, Infoshop, Occupation Watch and The Socialist Review in the US.

Today Ewa has been guest speaker at the Balata installation organised by the Camcorder Guerillas in Glasgow, where she gave a talk about the current situation in Iraq and the phone calls she received today from her friends outside Falluja.

Interview is 3min 43sec long. More about the general situation in Iraq under the occupation later.

This interview can also be found in the ogg vorbis format from external site 1.9 M (as ogg uploads to indymedia uk are broken)



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