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Kids 'banned' from Social Centre

R | 25.03.2004 12:40 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | London

The wombles occupied social centre in Tufnel Park was forced to close it's doors to under 16s today....

The daily struggles of the occupied social centre in what used to be the Grand Banks wine bar continued today with a visit from the local school policeman, PC Burns. He insisted that if under 16s continue to be allowed to enter the building, he would have the place shut down with some kind of fast track order by the local authority. This appears to be a boggus threat as the issues raised about insurance would apply to a sixteen year old or an adult just as much as to somebody under 16. However those on shift at the social centre today choose to await legal advice and relunctantly close the doors to under sixteens.

Until now, kids from the local school have come to the centre at lunch time and sometimes after school, to eat lunch, watch videos and hang out. The six formers also use the social centre in increasing numbers; chating, reading, studying and enjoying the freetrade organic zapatista coffee.

Hopefully a bit of research will prove that the threats are not based on law and the social centre will be able to continued to be enjoyed by those under 16 who certainly need such as space as much if not more than others.

If anyone has any legal knowledge about this area of things, please contact the social centre or the wombles.



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