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Chavez - Beware of Ken Livingstone

notoabuseofpower | 15.05.2006 07:45 | Globalisation | Repression | London | World

The Mayor of Livingstone is courting the Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez for the Corporation of London, which is an unaccountable local authority that has business links with unsavoury PFI.The interest in Venezuela is for little other reason than its oil reserves and its desire to prevent the US and UK occupy its land to exploits its resources like insurgent countries that the US and UK are. Who is Ken

Ken Livingstone's record for London is:

The Olympics benefitting unethical companies like Coca-Cola
Turning London into the world centre for business so taxpayers money can be used to secure the City instead of people.
Ken is quick to say pensions are invested in the City but not quick to point out how many companies have stolen pensions or indeed the scale of the deficit?
Creating environmental obligations rather than laws ie they are not compulsory.
Calling on people to save water while wasteful privatised big business operators like Thames Water operate unencumbered
Turning London into a place for the rich or big business instead of the poor
Supporting damaging public transport plans for the benefit fo the City in London
Trying to get London's taxpayers money diverted to City interests rather than the communities
Supporting corrupt regeneration schemes that do not benefit poor or vulnerable people
Accepting right wing policies of the Labour Government while pretending he is on the side of the poor.
Livingstone behaves like the mafia lord of London But the people of London hold the power and will agin



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