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The revolution has begun !

anonymous | 06.11.2014 09:25 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London

Last night in an unprecedented display of the power of the people the British establishment was rocked to its foundations by hundreds of thousands on the streets.

Co-ordinated by the anonymous movement the demonstration was a statement of not just the dissatisfaction with the present system but also a rejection of the so called radical politics we have been offered by the SWP, Anarchism, Black Bloc and the rest of the Middle Class.

Although it was Russel Brand that got most of the mainstream media coverage he was only a very minor part of the night. We took the fight to the gates of Buckingham Palace as the Royals were evacuated by special forces helicopters in scenes reminiscent of the last day of Nicolae Ceaușescu. The cops there knew they no longer had the power - it was us who would decide if they lived or died. We owned the streets, all the streets.

Trafalgar Square, a fading symbolism of the British Imperialist past was taken over and used as a coordination and party center throughout the night as white, black, sisters and brothers came together to show their refusal to accept the austerity cuts, the rigged vote for Scottish independence, the slaughter in Palestine, the Health Service privatisation and the other policies from the last days of Neo-Tory Liberal Capitalism.

The revolution has begun brothers and sisters !
What will you smash, what will you build ?
Take the power !
Own the streets !



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