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July 2003: Please come to Genoa again

translation | 13.07.2003 13:48 | Genoa | Analysis | Globalisation | Repression | World

They wanted to exploit the july 2001 in Genoa to display power, arrogance, oppression, violence and death. They have tried to hide the urge for justice and solidarity, the urge, which a huge number of people has carried in public of the world, their programs and proposals, to let the hope for a better world become concrete. This is today even more necessary than ever, in the face of the wars, the growing poverty and the savagery in the international relationships.

We want to use the july 2003 to remember, to think about, to get to the bottom of these themes, to make culture and music and to celebrate life. Like in the past year we want to meet again to discuss in depth and - also in preperation of the next European Social Forum- to point out the promises, which were not kept by the so-called big 8. We want to talk about our experiences, of the self-denying truths, here like everywhere else in the world. Like in the past year we want to remember, look forward and a human and justice way to live and develop. We will, like in 2001 and 2002, be many and we will be peacefull and determinated.

Therefore we turn especially to the people of Genoa, all those who are remembered in Italy and in foreign countries, because they offered us in the days of the G8-meeting water, refuge and solidarity. We also refer to all those, who probably did not understand instantly what was happening, but who took to the streets six months later, to demonstrate against a violent and wrong police operation. We also turn to all the upright democrats, who have believed the television tales of those, who claim the right to occupy free cities.
We turn to all those, who want to come again or for the first time to Genoa.

We would be happy, if you participate at the different initiatives from the 12th till the 20th
of July- starting with the meeting of the citizens councils, which have defended the memory for over 2 years against a backdrop of secrecy and impunity. We invite you to an exhibition, which documents the events and legal scandals not only in pictures. There will be new film material and new books. In the Modena-Theatre plays are offered to see. Many associations have organised panel discussions. The anti-globalisation critics meet in the Teatre della Tosse, the place of the local administration and other places to discuss the next campaigns and tasks for autumn.

Sunday, the 20th of july we will be at the Alimonda-place with music, a street theatre and peace flags. From there we will move altogether in a march to la Foce, where a concert will later take place.

We call for you to demonstrate with a plaster on your mouth, with your presence and the power of your silence denouncing the renunciations of the right to truth by the abondanment of court proceedings.

The prevented trial about the death of Carlo Guiliani will be put into scene the evening before in the Teatro Modo.

And another time we invite you to participate.

The parents of Carlo Guiliani



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