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Ewa Jasiewicz deportation appeal hearing.

Paul O'Hanlon | 01.09.2004 09:54 | Indymedia | Repression | London

Appeal for support for Ewa Jasiewicz who is threatened with deportation from Israel.

Ewa addresses a public meeting at Dundee University on April 21st this year.
Ewa addresses a public meeting at Dundee University on April 21st this year.

Request for Support at the Supreme Court in Jerusalem!

British Journalist Deportation Appeal Hearing at the Supreme Court,

Hearing: Wednesday, September 1 at 9:00AM

Please try to be at the court to support Ewa; for freedom of speech
and the public right to know!

British Journalist Ewa Jasiewicz, who has been detained for three
weeks, will have her appeal heard in the Supreme Court tomorrow

Meanwhile, Minister of Interior has denied her access to the media
and she has remained in detention in spite of the fact that two
judges did not find that she was a "threat to national security."

In addition, the Israeli Union of Journalists and the International
Federation of Journalists are demanding that the Prime Minister
allow Ms. Jasiewicz "to carry out her work as a journalist and not
to deport her".

Ewa Jasiewicz is a journalist from the United Kingdom who was
detained at Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport August 11 and denied entry
to Israel and Occupied Palestine. Ewa is a journalist and writer who
has also worked as a human rights activist in Palestine and Iraq. Ewa who has spent a lot of time in the occupied territories as well as 8 months in Iraq under the occupation went on a speaking tour of Britain earlier this year, She was in Scotland in April and spoke to audiences at the Forest café in Edinburgh, the Universities of Dundee and Aberdeen and also in Ullapool, Pitlochry and Glasgow.

For more information please contact:

Attorney Yael Barda: 972-688-743-083
ISM Media Office: 972-2-277-4602 or 547-358-579

Paul O'Hanlon
- e-mail: