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Dale Farm: Important Eviction Update

lynx | 12.09.2011 11:28 | Dale Farm | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

The public date of the eviction is the week of the 19th September, but
we still need supporters at Dale Farm. We have received unconfirmed
reports that part of the eviction operation may start tomorrow, and so
the more people on site the better. Please be ready to come to Dale
Farm in the morning, just in case -- you'll receive a txt if you've
signed up to txt alerts at

Residents believe that the bailiffs and the police may attempt some
sort of operation early tomorrow morning. This is a very stressful
time for a lot of the residents- they are being made homeless by their
own council. They need our support.

If you are able to come down tomorrow, please do. If not, come down as
soon as possible. The police and bailiffs may try to stop people from
coming on site, so be ready to find ways to get on- it's a big site
and should be possible.

We have also received intelligence that the bulk of the police
operation will start with a briefing on Sunday the 18th to prepare for
the 19th, and that the police operation is being run out of Boreham
police station. The operation is planned to last one week, but
officers have been asked to block 10 days off just in case. The
bailiffs are believed to be running their operation out of Basildon.
The council has said they will be cutting off electricity to Dale Farm
on the 19th, but we have had reliable information that in order to
interfere with our ability to get information out in advance, that
they are considering cutting off power from the 16th.

Dale Farm is in easy reach of London. For directions on how to get
there see and you can call the
Camp Constant site phone: 07583621312

Things to bring:
-warm clothes
-food & water
-notepads, pencils
-cameras for taking photo evidence

Things not to bring:
-offensive weapons
-Things you would not like the police to take off you

Legal info- write on your arm before you get here:
Dale Farm Legal Hotline: 07928 669 515
Birds Solicitors: 07966 234 994
Hodge Jones and Allen Solicitors: 07659 111 192

See you here!

Dale Farm Solidarity

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