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Spyes in photos

Peter Hansen | 05.07.2009 12:58 | Globalisation | Repression | Terror War

Well, well, the wife of the upcoming MI6”boss” really respects the democratic ideas and open public admin! Its unusual to se the wife of such a “civil servant” reveals that kind of info. But, but, WHAT is her motive? Has Sir John Sawers been out with another woman and getting some thing” on the side”? And the Facebook uploading of the private photos of Lady Shelley Sawers of her family, her husband etc. is it a kind of revenge on her side?

What she has done is very unusual, but courageous. Furthermore: why reveal the address of there London apartment? Maybe “the Lady” is tired of all the secrecy of the “Spook services”, a protest? Because organizations like MI6, MI5, Special Branch, CIA, BND, FBI, PET, FET, DGS, SÄPO, NSA etc. spend a lot of tax payer’s money! And on what: just to secure the grip and order of the right-wing-reactionary capitalist society and the political establishment? To make sure that every thing stays the same, “don’t rock the boat”?

That monarchy stays, that the aristocracy can keep there privileges, that the rich don’t pay to much in tax and that class society stays in place. That is the true brief of the so-called security services and very little else. Especially if you take the contact with the neo Nazi David Irwin and associates into consideration! A connection between the spy services and the Nazis, neo Nazis, right-wing-radicals etc. isn’t unusual at all.

A freshly published report in Denmark shows that the Danish police intelligence and the mili-tary intelligence services recruited former employees of the Geheime Staatspolizei after world war two in order to “help in there work against the leftwing and the communist movement”. It was Danes and some Germans whom were promised acquittal of murder, rape, crimes against humanity and treason etc.

The western world needs badly a debate regarding what the “Spook services” are doing pres-ently and how much thy really are needed, and furthermore thorough investigations by non civil servants into what the services have done in the past decades. Furthermore: maybe espe-cially how the Gestapo “came into service again” after 1945.

In that perspective, Lady Sawers, knowingly or unknowingly, has made an interesting contri-bution to that debate.

And here is a link to one of the most secretive spooks services in the world: the Danish Police Intelligence Service (“Politiets Efterretningstjeneste”) known as “The PET”, the meaning of the sentence “openness in public admin” is still to be understood by the Danish Conservative Party, the Liberal Party, the Danish Peoples Party, because that secure that the PET can so more or less what they want to do.

Peter Hansen