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Read and think

george | 29.10.2009 21:35 | Repression | Sheffield | World

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" 40 years ago I burgled the Horncastle garage and stole some money, I worked for the place so i was questioned about the burglary but I escaped the police. A little while later I read in our local newspaper a lad got sentenced to two years in prison for my crime! At the time i wondered how on earth did he get convicted because obviously there couldn't have been any evidence against him.
A few months later i was caught for another burglary and I instantly confessed to the Horncastle job as well telling the police that they has sent an innocent man to prison for a crime I had committed
Their reply - "You tell anyone what you've just told me you'll find yourself so deep in shit you'll never find your way out of it"
I was seventeen at the time and the way the copper spoke to me I believed him.

Makes you think?



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