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Bridge Protest in Madrid calls for full freedom for Thess. 7

-ipse share | 06.12.2003 14:36 | Thessaloniki EU | Repression

3 acitivists have hung from the "Eduard Dato" bridge in Madrid for a period of 40 minutes to call for the release of the Thessalonika 7 without condition.
The acivists of the "platform to support the Greek prisoners"
Amongst those 7 still in Greece are the Briton Simon Chapman and two Spanish citizens: Carlos Martín and Fernando Pérez, all of whom went on hunger strike.

source: EFE spanish news agency, el mundo and indymedia.

As a measure to express the continuing demand of "the Platform for the release of the prisoners in Greece", three youths carried out the protest, two males and one female aged between 20 and 23 years, and remained hanging off of the Eduardo Data bridge in Madrid which stands over the "paseo de la Castellana", mounting placards that are equivalant to: "No more police operations", "Strike out the charges", "we want Them at home. There's been enough repression of social movements".

25 agents of the security agencies, amongst them National and Municipal Police, a unit of the Firebrigade and a Samur ambulance, arrived to the scene and after 40 minutes "they descended voluntarily" when the Police seized their mountaineering equipment "after having promised not to touch it", a member of the support group in Madrid maintained.

The future of the Syrian prisoner; Suleinam Neuter

This member of the antiglobalization group indicated that if Suleinam Neuter, one of the seven detained in June 21, is deported to Syria "he will be condemned to life in prison for political motives (he was a union acitivist and he had refused to do the military service)" and he added that "we ask as a concession that Greece grant Suleinam Meuter political asylum in Greece till his documentation is in order so that he can not be deported in any moment".

It was added that "the lawyers of the Spaniards are working so that at Christmas they will be permitted to return from Greece on the condition of signing a prior agreement with the embassy and thus being obliged to return for the day of the trial" because "we want the charges withdrawn and the seven detained to return home and that they may live without facing the continuing prospective misery of five to twenty year"

It is also demanded (by the manifesto of the support group) an exhaustive investigation into the maltreatment and physical torture suffered in these last five months and of the multiple obstructions of family visits, and obstruction of legal consultation.

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