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Seriously Organised Crime

The Met (via sean) | 23.08.2005 16:10 | Culture | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Parliament passed a law stating that we can't protest in central London without first asking for permission from a certain Commissioner Ian Blair. Should you ever wish to ask for permission, you'll have to fill in the application form and submit it by hand six days before you want to protest. PLEASE DISTRIBUTE this application form to those who would like to protest.

The UK government has passed a law making it illegal to have an "unathorised protest" in central London. I feel this is the most insidious of laws imaginable as it sets up a psychology of feeling "We can't do as we wish without their permission" and "We need their authority before we excercise our free wills".

Not knowing how hard it would be to get permission, I rang Charing Cross police and asked them. They sent me the attached forms. Please distribute these forms far and wide to any who might wish to protest in Central London but who have stopped protesting because of this law.

I personally feel the questions they ask us are highly intrusive but think we should all have access to the questions to know what info they are gathering. I do not believe in the authority of Ian Blair and do not believe in the spirit of this law.

Please download and comment especially if you can think of any clever way to nip this and other anti-social laws in the bud.

The Met (via sean)


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