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'Saloniki 7' Legal Team Press Release.

IMC-Thessaloniki (repost) | 07.11.2003 21:05 | Thessaloniki EU | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

"Saloniki 7" Legal Team update from Friday 7th November.

The hunger strikers Spyros Tsitsas and Fernando Perez left Papanikolaou hospital and returned to Diavata prison, as they refused to eat and receive medical treatment. Their situation is critical and their doctors are afraid of constant problems for the detainees' health.

The director of Diavata prison refused to let the Lawyers' Union of Thessaloniki visit the prison, as the approval of the Justice Ministry was requested. The visit amed at examining the detaining conditions of the hunger-strikers.

Amnesty international was interested on the way Carlos Martin Martinez was treated, when he was moved to Aghios Pavlos Hospital, at Phoenicas of Thessaloniki, during the early hours of 5 November. Amnesty international is about to examine their reaction according this issue.

IMC-Thessaloniki (repost)
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