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Lewisham Council Stop and Search.

Outraged of Lewisham. | 10.07.2005 15:49 | Repression | London

Every year an excellent public event called People's Day is held in Mountsfield Public Park in the London borough of Lewisham, only this year it was quite different.

At every entrance to the park today, Sunday 10th July, were unidentifiable people in orange T shirts patting down people and searching bags and prams. The police stood nearby but refused to take part in these proceedings. I offered to have myself searched by the police instead but they refused. One of the 'Council' searchers threatened to smash my camera and the police said they would arrest me, but backed down when I replied, "Go ahead then arrest me'. In the end I rode away on my bike refusing to be searched on these terms, after years of taking part in this event.

Question is, where will it all end? Will we be searched by any Tom, Dick or Harry as we enter pubs, churches, or supermarkets? How far do Local Council powers extend these days?

Outraged of Lewisham.


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