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A G8 protestor reacts to London attacks

saddleback | 09.07.2005 20:34 | G8 2005 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

Here's something I jotted down on the Resist G8 train from Scotland to London. It's basically sets out my feelings at this stage about the political situation, and these may change while I'm actually in London. It's weak on many points, but please see it as a starting point for discussion.

Fresh from facing the batons of the police protesters are returning, to stand in solidarity with friends and relations in London who have suffered murderous terror attacks. Fresh from resisting a summit that was all about war and extending corporate power, we return, only to face shocking terror at home -- but we are not scared.

We're not scared -- but we are worried, justifiably so -- and this is because we're aware of the brutality that the British state is capable of, and we know that they will take this opportunity to extend their ability to control and brutalise us. We don't want to live in their world of terror. A world created both by the British politicians making war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and by those who use terror to strike at us, but who just want to become another set of politicians.

The world that these two groups create is designed to keep us scared, passive, and living in such fear that we forget that we, ordinary people, have the capacity to run our own lives without any of these politicians.

The state of constant terror and war is very useful to the British ruling class, because it takes attention away from the shoddy nature of the world around us -- a world they have created -- with failing public services, scarce and expensive housing, and a natural environment that is being concreted over.

However, if we think clearly and stay organised we have the capacity to resist the political drive towards terror and control and to move instead towards a world based on co-operation and freedom.

We cannot allow these terror attacks to stifle our movements. We will go on, and we will stay strong.



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