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Camden clampers clamped then towed away an OAP's wheelchair.

anon | 05.10.2010 01:40 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

We all get old, each one of us. Indymedia is a tool for reporting on social injustices so we are posting this. Clampers in Camden clamped then towed away a wheelchair belonging to an old aged pensioner. Local youth filmed the outraegous attack and tried to stop the clampers. They told the men who were taking the wheelchair "You are atrocious" and they are absolutely right!

Clampers have a reputation for doing anything to make money. TV programs have made documentaries showing clamping companies removing their own signs so that they can fine people for being in a clamping zone but towing away a pensioners wheelchair really does plumb new depths!

Facilities for the old are constantly cut and it seems that no one gives a damn. The rights of old people take a back seat. Older people need us younger ones to help them and fair play to the youth who made the film and shared it to us. All of us need to do more to help the often forgotten elderly who are the people who fought when they were younger for the rights we have now [that are being eroded.]

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