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Facebook uses implication IDs to track link sources

pinkyandperky | 02.05.2011 13:00 | Globalisation | Repression | Technology | World

The following link will not work as I have altered my implication ID to the number 666 and so facebook rejects the forward. Apart from me changing the ID, this is right click copy address.

As governments want to keep track of you more and more, it comes as no surprise that facebook does not actually let your browser link direct to, a page, but insists on directing you through a link forwarding system, which contains a source implication ID.

The link forward refuses to work unless a valid implication ID is used, and so attempts to force the user into revealing the source of the link they may have received by email or over an IRC channel, or by some other means.

You can demonstrate this by using which actually has my implication ID for this post. Well I think it's just for this post or I'll be implicated in everything wrongfully. And if this is so represents a statutory violation of the data protection act, by not taking care of information which could personally identify me. i.e. personal (false) information which could or is used against me.

Have a go yourself, and enjoy the marvels of the 666 campaign.



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