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Kennedy Mania in the Mainstream Media

19.01.2011 19:01 | Other Press | Policing | Repression | Sheffield | World

The media has gone into a feeding frenzy over what was described by Newsnight as the "deepening controversy over police agents". Yet still none of them are putting together the evidence that political policing has been used to trash the 'right to protest' in this country,of which the use of undercover coppers is only a small part, with FIT Teams, kettling and general harrassment of protestors being other major parts of the ongoing police strategy. Perhaps this is because these same journos are part of the media circus that allows the cops to get away with it as we march towards water cannon and a police state.

However, the long term infiltration of environmental and direct action groups in the UK by PC Mark Kennedy for a seven year period, must be causing some discomfort for the cops, as his antics in the UK and ,according to the Guardian another 22 countries, are beginning to be unravelled.

Today's Independent claims that Kennedy, who is missing but believed to be in the USA, has called in publicity Guru Max Clifford as he "prepares to sell his story". The report further notes that Nottingham Police have launched an internal inquiry into the mess, which will run alongside a limited IPCC inquiry which 'Amerdeep Somal, of the IPCC, said will focus on the alleged failure of Nottinghamshire Police to disclose relevant material to prosecutors.'


The IPCC investigation is looking at the very issue which according to a report in today's Daily Mail is at the heart of moves by the 20 Ratcliffe defendants convicted shortly before Christmas to appeal their convictions:

...lawyers for the group have written to the Crown Prosecution Service to demand information on whether Kennedy had a role in gathering evidence on which they were convicted.

If he was and the jury was not informed, they could claim a miscarriage of justice had taken place, the Guardian newspaper reported.


Recent revelations that Kennedy confirmed that a Leeds based activist, who used the name Lyn Watson, had also been a police infiltrator, are likely to have caused some scurrying around by cops yesterday.

The Guardian "decided, after representations from senior police officers, to refer to her only as Officer A, and to use pixellated pictures of her."

However it has already come to light that 'Lyn Watson' was a member of the now-defunct Clown Army and acted as a medic at Climate Camps, where she helpfully offered radios for hire!!!. Two pictures of her were published by Indymedia yesterday, which would have left the police with no choice other than to pull her from any undercover operations she might have currently been involved in. And she is not the only one!! According to the Guardian:

A police chief with detailed knowledge of the deployments of undercover officers in the protest movement said Kennedy's breach of protocol could lead to the "relocation of a considerable number of people".

That included undercover officers currently involved in ongoing police investigations across the UK and their families. "This is serious stuff," the police chief said. "Lots of people are at risk – their lives are at risk."

The irony of police operations being disrupted by Kennedy should not be lost on us. As a recent FitWatch article pointed out:

Some activists at the heart of international organising believe that the involvement of Mark and others like him ultimately led to the collapse of international networks aimed at organising protest on a European and International scale.

Because, despite Hugh Ordes protestations on Newsnight last night that the deployment of Kennedy was justified by his unmasking of the planned Ratcliffe action, the reality is that the action had not been in its planning stages for seven years, and much of Kennedy's role is likely to have been disruption of groups.

Also being reported today is that German politicians are tabling questions about the role Kennedy played in German actions, whilst an Irish politician has tabled questions after allegations that Kennedy acted as an 'agent provocateur' and was involved in physical attacks on the police in Dublin. He is also being described as a key figure in creating the Iceland movement.

Let us hope that further revelations about Kennedy come to light, to illustrate what a nasty piece of work he is, and that he cannot be trusted by anyone, {not even his handlers who have scurried off to the States to track him down and no doubt try and shut him up) before Max Clifford gets an opportunity to start earning commission on book deals and other money making deals for the former copper and corporate spy.


for inthemiddleofnowhere

22.01.2011 13:49


If you contact Bindman's legal firm, in London (who represented the original 114 people arrested that started the unravelling of Kennedy), they are beginning to organise a class action by people who had sexual relations with undercover police officers. Those bringing the action can remain anonymous.

There is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from talking about their experiences. The main concern was tabloid newspapers who were looking for gossip and nobody wanted to feed them.

The only way we will begin to find out what the police are really doing is to have a public inquiry, led by judges, as these have the power to order Kennedy and his bosses to appear, and for documents to be released. All other inquiries are merely whitewash.

On Monday there will be an action (there will soon be an email address for you to contact them):

Women's blockade of Scotland Yard, Monday January 24, 8:00am

Please forward to your friends and networks

The shocking revelations about police infiltration of protest movements get more extreme day by day. Reading Laura's story in the Guardian today about a 4th undercover cop has made us angry, sad, and upset... bringing home the true gravity of what the state does to political women in the UK.

Women in the UK should not have to worry about being sexually abused by policemen. It is as simple as that.

In response, we call for women to come together for a blockade of Scotland Yard, in protest at political policing and in solidarity with all women who have been exploited by men they thought they could trust.

Meet 8am outside Scotland Yard on Monday morning, January 24th.

The blockade will be simple and dignified. Despite Scotland Yard’s best efforts we will not be broken.

This is a women led event but men are welcome to come in support.

We demand that the police make public the names and identities of all other undercover offices who have worked or are working to infiltrate movements for progressive social change, so women can know whether they have also been abused by the state, and can decide whether to join other women in considering legal action against the police.

It is likely that the police officers and their superiors have committed the criminal offence of misconduct in public office, which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

We demand a fully independent judge-led public inquiry into policy spying. We have no trust that the police can regulate or investigate themselves. Their actions show that they think that they are above the law. This is a dangerous situation that undermines democracy.

Please pass on to your friends, mums, colleagues and fellow activists...

You can always come for a while and still get to work at a reasonable time!

Tweet it: #inquirynow

You can also follow:


In solidarity, one of the many affected.

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