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Free Aurore Martin!

me | 04.11.2012 18:58 | Repression

Following a European arrest warrant of October 2010 issued by the Spanish Government, Aurore Martin, a Basque militant (not a terrorist) got arrested on November 1, 2012.

The charge for which she will have to face the Spanish National Court (Audiencia Nacional) is the following:

- taking part to public meetings of the members of Batasuna (the former pro-basque political party) which is considered as "participation to a terrorist organisation and to terrorism" according to the Article 576 of the Spanish Penal Code.

The article 576 of the Spanish Penal Code was highlighted in the 2008 United Nations Special Report on human rights in Spain (A/HRC/10/3/Add.2) among one of the several violations to fundamental human rights and it was declared as a serious concern to the freedom of expression of the people.

Aurore Martin, now extraded to Spain may face an “incommunicado” period of 13 days during which she would not have any contact with anyone but with the Spanish Civil Guard and Police. This incommunicado period has also been stated as illegal by the UN with respect with all major Human Rights legal bodies.

For these reasons and knowing it has been just one year that ETA (the Basque terrorist movement) declared it would cease all its armed operations, this arrest is no good sign towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict which opposes Spain with the Basque minority. In addition, it emphasizes the fact that some of the most basic human rights are strongly violated in Spain and all this before the eyes of the European Union and the UN Human Rights Council which remain silent despite the fact that they acknowledge these violations.

By signing this petition you will not only give Aurore Martin a decent chance to defend herself against the National Court but you will mostly show your concern for the respect of human rights within the European Union in which we all live and for which such values are always put forward.



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