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Corrupt Police at Orgreave & Hillsborough

Ian Tomlinson | 09.11.2012 23:18 | Policing | Repression

The purpose of the (failed) police fit-ups at Orgreave was for the police to try and make sure striking workers served, if possible, life sentences, for the crime of resisting attacks by police

"Hillsborough, far from being an isolated event, was in fact part of a pattern of senior South Yorkshire police officers manipulating the statements made by junior officers"

"The police had no idea, the extent to which, what they were doing, their unlawful activities, were being filmed"

"The Hillsborough Independent Panel Report accused South Yorkshire Police, in 1989, of making a concerted effort to remove damaging references from officers' statements. The panel found 116 police statements that had been altered, to fit the narrative that Liverpool fans were drunk, and ticketless. Later some officers even falsely claimed to the press that supporters had stolen from the dead and urinated on people while police officers attempted to save lives. At Orgreave, 5 years earlier, the manipulation of statements appears to be even more organised than at Hillsborough..."

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See also -

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Ian Tomlinson


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