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destroyed squat and wounded people after polish patriot march

anon | 14.11.2012 12:57 | Anti-racism | Ecology | Repression | World

Green Technology Centre squat attacked by far right in Wroclaw, Poland

" On 11.11.2012 after a patriot march organised by NOP (Polish National
Revival movement) at about 7 pm Green Technologies Centre ALTERNAVITA
Society's ground (Wagenburg squat) was raided by a group of over 100 men.
After an unsuccessful attempt to force the main gate they entered the
ground through adherent private premises (Gant Development). The
perpetrators used stones, flares, bottles and bats to attack inhabitants
and their friends (16 people). During the incident two people were wounded
(broken arm, head trauma). One of them, in severe condition, was
transported to a hospital.

At the same time the fence was broken and cars parked in the territory
were damaged (broken windows, pierced tires, dented bodies). Windows in
most of the living cars got broken. After 20 minutes the perpetrators ran

We are shocked by this situation.

As a Green Technologies Centre, which organizes many ecological and
cultural events, we would like to bring the situation to public attention.
In recent months there had been a tide of violence against leftist groups
and NGOs.

We want to point out unpunished extreme actions taken by the far right in
our city. We demand that the same authorities, that claim Wroclaw to be a
city of equality, tolerance and opennes, address this problem.

We do not want Wroclaw to be just a threadbare slogan of tolerance. As an
integral part of this city we want to feel free and safe!

We also belie the information about a second attack, which didn't take place.

We would like to ask for solidarity and support."