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Fascist US police action in Miami

from sf indymedia | 23.11.2003 04:12 | Repression

Democracy Now! Producer Ana Nogueira Arrested | NLG Legal Observers Arrested And Beaten | Wellness Center Attacked By Police | Police Surround ICH

Update from Miami FTAA Protests
Bay Area Activists In Miami: 1 2 3

How to Support The Prisoners

11/22 summary: Reports of brutality within the jail have come in to the legal team. A Latino man was brutalized within the prison walls and is now at a hospital. Another man who had sustained injuries to his head during the protests has been neglected and is suffering from a hemorrhage (more from Chicago Indymedia). There are also reports that two transgender people have been sexually abused.

11/21 summary: Reports on arrest figures at a jail solidarity incident indicate around 75 people were arrested today when police broke up the jail solidarity rally.

from sf indymedia
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