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film of bush demo whitehall yesterday

rikki | 16.06.2008 09:17 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

8 minute film of bush protests in parliament square yesterday. more than a thousand police blockaded whitehall and brutally foiled any attempt to voice peaceful protest outside downing street while the disgraced war-criminals had their cosy dinner before being consigned to the dustbin of history

main itv news on sunday night - itv reporter standing in downing street live states that there are 2000 demonstrators at the top of downing street

either his political geography is so bereft he shouldn't be in the job, or it's a blatant lie

in fact, the whole of the whitehall area near downing street was sealed off by over a thousand police and while bush and blair smile for the mainstream cameras outside number ten, their baton wielding 'yellowjackets' are beating the crap out of anyone trying to exercise their democratic right to protest peacefully outside downing street

later, around a hundred riot police enter the square and forward intelligence teams direct 'snatch arrests' as protestors numbers dwindle

in all there were 25 arrests and several injuries including four protesters taken to hospital. according to police, eleven remain in custody this morning

the war-criminals bush, brown and blair however remain at large and the public are warned not to approach them.

the 'stop the war coalition' had promised they were going to 'defy the ban' and march up downing street, but it was the samba band that actually started the popular surge against police lines, and later the stwc stewards were actively helping the authorities as usual by moving to the front of the crowd at the barriers, and pleading with them to move away 'for their own safety'. at this point, hundreds staged a sit-down protest

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the first arrest i witnessed was a middle-aged man in a straw hat dragged from the crowd. his t-shirt said 'civil liberties lost = police state' - very apt i thought

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smooth moves

16.06.2008 17:11

Anyone get any more footage of this guy?


replies from rikki

16.06.2008 22:20

to mike: haven't coverted o divx, but i've uploaded the full quality mov which may of use

to untilallarefree: i have my own reasons not to post on youtube - i'm not impressed you've nicked this footage and stuck it up on your youtube page without asking - it wasn't as though you didn't have my email
very shoddy