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film of bush demo whitehall yesterday

rikki | 16.06.2008 09:17 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

8 minute film of bush protests in parliament square yesterday. more than a thousand police blockaded whitehall and brutally foiled any attempt to voice peaceful protest outside downing street while the disgraced war-criminals had their cosy dinner before being consigned to the dustbin of history

main itv news on sunday night - itv reporter standing in downing street live states that there are 2000 demonstrators at the top of downing street

either his political geography is so bereft he shouldn't be in the job, or it's a blatant lie

in fact, the whole of the whitehall area near downing street was sealed off by over a thousand police and while bush and blair smile for the mainstream cameras outside number ten, their baton wielding 'yellowjackets' are beating the crap out of anyone trying to exercise their democratic right to protest peacefully outside downing street

later, around a hundred riot police enter the square and forward intelligence teams direct 'snatch arrests' as protestors numbers dwindle

in all there were 25 arrests and several injuries including four protesters taken to hospital. according to police, eleven remain in custody this morning

the war-criminals bush, brown and blair however remain at large and the public are warned not to approach them.

the 'stop the war coalition' had promised they were going to 'defy the ban' and march up downing street, but it was the samba band that actually started the popular surge against police lines, and later the stwc stewards were actively helping the authorities as usual by moving to the front of the crowd at the barriers, and pleading with them to move away 'for their own safety'. at this point, hundreds staged a sit-down protest

film is uploaded in both mp4(quicktime) and wmv formats
mp4 can be viewed on the free vlc player on osx,windows and linux. this app plays many different formats without hassle and is a free simple download from
the first arrest i witnessed was a middle-aged man in a straw hat dragged from the crowd. his t-shirt said 'civil liberties lost = police state' - very apt i thought

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smooth moves

16.06.2008 17:11

Anyone get any more footage of this guy?


replies from rikki

16.06.2008 22:20

to mike: haven't coverted o divx, but i've uploaded the full quality mov which may of use

to untilallarefree: i have my own reasons not to post on youtube - i'm not impressed you've nicked this footage and stuck it up on your youtube page without asking - it wasn't as though you didn't have my email
very shoddy



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Thanks for the video, but....

16.06.2008 14:41

It's good to have a video of something which was pretty much ignored by the mainstream media, however how about converting the original file into a .divx video file?

I remember a while back some great quality videos were posted on Indymedia about the G8 demonstrations in Scotland.

I'm not sure if there are file size limits on uploading videos here, but we all have broadband and it'd be a welcome change to view some of this great citizen journalism in high quality. There are plently of free .divx video converters like VirtualDub on the net.

I'm not having a go, just a suggestion.


Great Video as usual

16.06.2008 16:47

Only a shame you didn't show those brave SWP soldiers selling the Socialist Worker while all this was going on. Their arms must have been so tired at the end of the day (which finished way past their bedtimes). Can you imagine holding all those papers for so long. Bless!

Still the sacrifice was worth it: sources that say up to 25 papers were sold. Rumours that a riot cop was seen to buy one have been denied.

George Formby

Video of Stop The War protest

17.06.2008 16:26 filmed the demonstrations on March 15th for Stop the War Coalition. Footage includes speeches by Brian Haw and George Galloway:

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reply from untilallarefree

17.06.2008 17:11

it's not as though you can't just flag the video as copyrighted content like anybody else who has a problem with videos being on youtube has done.

the reason i don't ask is because your the only person who's complained......its a waste of time; and it would waste my time asking.

uaaf mod
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To rikki and untilallarefree

17.06.2008 18:10

Untilallarefree is perfectly within his rights to copy any content posted to Indymedia (unless it is stated as copyright,etc.) as long as the copy can be used by others, as Indymedia has a Copyleft policy.


“All contributions are considered availiable for re-use without seeking permission from author as long as those that re-use them allow further free re-use of the derivative work. This is know as copyleft. In future for clarity we may add a facility with which you can specify the terms of publication from a range of off-the-shelf licenses. You can of course specify this in a post now, perhaps by stating that your work is contributed to the public domain or by using specify licenses from and
(a link to that url should do rather than copying whole license ).”


Copyleft and respect for the spaces we create for ourselves

17.06.2008 20:58

I find it incredible that people here think it's acceptable behavior to repost something someone has chosen to post to Indymedia to ScrewTube - if that's their understanding of the spirit of copyleft and freedom I don't want the freedom they are going to create for us.


Thanks for the video rikki

18.06.2008 01:26

Thanks for the video rikki, well done for going out. I know the effort it takes to get videos together. As another person who contributes to Indymedia a lot I also agree with your point about reusing.

People, it isn't about what Indymedia UK states on its help pages or what is 'allowed' or not, it is about courtesy. Of course you can probably reuse, but just asking is nice, rather than just taking. Remember, nothing is really free..