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REMINDER: Police Accountablility Demo

Meirion | 21.06.2009 14:05 | Climate Chaos | Other Press | Repression

A Demonstration to Demend that the Notts Police are Accountable for their recent misdeeds, especially Spending £700,000 to pre-empt an alleged demonstration.

On Wednesday

At County Hall, Trent Bridge

A Demonstration against the Notts Police Authority meeting has been org. to demend that the Notts Police are Accountable for their recent actions, It is important to protest against the £700,000 bill for Operation Aeroscope on April 13 , 114 people were arrested for planning a protest, but so far no one has been charged with any offence. This demo can be expended to included other recent police misdeeds.
The protest is on June 24th at 9.30am at County Hall, Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Please bring a placard or banner.






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