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antifa action

hasenreiter | 04.05.2010 06:43 | Repression

antifa action in napoli 1 may

napoli 1 may around 20 000 people on the streets... big antifa block !!! just when the demo start moving around 20 nazis attack the demo , not even 1 minute and the antifa block total smashed them up BIG TIME --- 4 of the nazis went to hospital , 3 of them with several bloodie faces and heads (upssssssss) and one of them got stabed 3 times(well done) ..this attack was in response of the nazi attack last week in one of the occupied social center where they try to burn the squat with molotvs and the same day they beat up 3 comunist guys who was delivering flyers in the main square of the city ....the rest of the demo was very active and was huge party..around 150 people in the samba band shake the city with beats , many activists came to the demo prepared and final count was : 5 banks destroyed , 1 mcdonalds smashed , lega nord(fascist party) office attacked with several rocks , paint bombs ... and many many political graffiti night was massive gig what brought evrybody to the streets again..... hopefully put the videos soon ,,,,,thanks to all the comrades that did napoli a great time and place to be .... ANTIFA INTERNATIONAL LINKE we want to salute and send big solidarity to the people who die in mexico and the others who are on the loose ..solidarity with the zapatist people NO JUSTICE NO PEACE A.C.A.B.



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