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Glasgow: 6 Kids Abducted in 2 Days

CH | 04.12.2006 13:52 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

Dawn Raids on Sunday and Monday in Glasgow have taken 2 families with young children away from their communities. Where's your protocol now Mr McConnell?

Early Sunday morning an Algerian family in Kennishead were rudely awoken. A woman and her three young children were taken to Dungavel IRC. They have been issued with a removal date of 10th December.

This morning (Monday) there was a Raid on the Red Road. The victims were a Turkish family, a wife and father plus (again) 3 young children. This family have also been given a 10th December Removal Date.

The names of the families are known to supporters and the lawyers are aware. Ways of supporting the families' campaign will be publicised soon.

It's not clear how the snatching of 6 small children was dealt with under the Executive's alleged "protocol" for ensuring the welfare of the children. Maybe because they're too young to be going to school, that's OK?