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Thessaloniki 7 supporters at bush demo

Thess 7 supporter | 21.11.2003 01:26 | Bush 2003 | Repression | London

During the Thursday Stop Bush Demo, I spotted a black and white banner in support of the Thessaloniki 7.

This demo was like a fair, where you meet everybody. I bumped into the people who did the slideshow about the Thessaloniki 7 (it's here: I'd wondered who did it and found out that it was a small local support group with some participants from Greece.
They had fairly good news. They said that Simon and Castro are holding their grounds (after 62 / 45 days of hungerstrike!). And a politician (didn't get his/her title) starts to show interest. And the Supreme Court prosecutor ordered an investigation into Simon's claims.

Let's continue to flood the embassy with letters, phonecalls, faxes, protests - they will pass it on to the Greek government. Public opinion abroad is important to the Greek government. It won't look good if innocent protesters die in a Greek prison during the run-up to the 2004 Olympics in Athens!

Thess 7 supporter


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