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Rumour Mongering - turning the tables on the Capitalist Media

Brent Herbert | 14.07.2005 06:18 | G8 2005 | Globalisation | Repression | World

Or how to create a media system which is a public utility, instead of a capitalist brain washing outfit, in really easy steps...

I have been thinking that after years of hard struggle and the battle with the depression and sense of hopelessness and confusion that emanate from a system of ruthless oppression, it might be a refreshing change of pace to allow everyone to recharge their batteries, relax, heal, take it easy for a while, and at the same time be activists, leaving that grueling ordeal of struggle to such institutions of oppression as that capitalist media system.

Now in keeping with this new activist strategy I thought I would propose turning the tables on that Capitalist media system by encouraging everyone to do some wild rumour mongering from time to time. Maybe relax, grab a coffee or something, sit back in front of a screen, and rumour monger. You might recall how last year Move On pioneered the tactic of using networking to move forward their agenda of promoting the Democrats and Howard, so I would be proposing that you take up the same strategy only this time for a truly good cause.

The good cause I am referring to here is that glorious dream of just ruining that capitalist media system and reducing that thing to a pile of rubble, and it seems fitting that this task should be completed by using the very methods of the capitalist media system itself, such as wild rumour mongering. Keeping in mind that we have a strategic goal here it would be required that we strategically rumour monger so that we can Move On and make progress in our agenda of ruining that capitalist media empire by nuetralizing and castrating that brain washing operation and bringing to an end its capacity to spread disinformation while silencing the voices of oppressed and the helpless. For this reason I will start the ball rolling by giving some examples of good rumours to spread.

Now keep in mind here that you do not want to preach to the choir, but rather you want to rumour monger to John and Jane Doe, the same types who are the targets of that rumour mongering operation in the capitalist media system. So if you are say, a young kid, just frustrated, thinking about what to try next, well, while you are working out any other strategies you might have, froim time to time, when you have some spare time and want to try some easy activism you might want to try some easy rumour mongering in chat rooms and so know,...any of your usual haunts...the school cafeteria, the hang out and so on. That way even if some of your other strategies don't turn out at least you will be part of some strategy that will definately turn out (this being only a matter of time now) and furthermore if you are a frustrated young person, and thus real impatient, then you can help to speed things up by strategically rumour mongering. And as I said before this type of activism is relaxing, unlike the other hard hard struggles of activism over the years, thus being enjoyable for a change.

So to get the ball rolling I offer up the following ideas for some good strategic rumour mongering. Remember that at the end of the battle, whoever controls the context gets the right to provide the content. The idea here is to destroy the propaganda context of the capitalist media system which then empowers them to provide the content while excluding you, the truth tellers as well as silencing the voices of the world's most helpless and oppressed victims by twisting their stories out of shape, and then using that twisted context as the framing reference for their propaganda attacks.

Keep in mind that John and Jane Doe are gullible, credulous trusting sorts and thus are easy prey for Hitler's Big Lie propaganda technique, in that they just cannot believe anyone would tell a really big lie, so therefore they accept the big lie as the truth, which is how oppressor propaganda works. As well they cannot believe that truly evil oppression exists in the wor.ld, which means that all oppression should be ruthless and without mercy or pity, so that the oppressor can then get away with it. Meanwhile the activist will be referred to as 'that crazy radical' or 'the wild eyed radical' and other insulting terms, because the radical gets the hard job of trying to convince John and Jane that monstrous oppression exists, which sounds so far fetched and ridiculous that the activist looses all credibility, and the capitalist media system and the systems of oppression together with it, continue to function, even after years of struggle. So then the only solution is to turn the tables, and in the process convince Joihn and Jane that yes Big Lies are told and that yes really Big Evil also happens, hard as that might be to believe, until they see it exposed before their own eyes. The context then changes, so that it becomes neccesary to find out as much about big lies as possible, as well as big evil, which then allows activists to seize the agenda by controlling the context. Eventually after talking to themselves for no reason, the capitalist media system would then become a public utility so that such moral depravity can never happen again, since not having a media is the greatest evil on earth.

Keep in mind that this is a process, that it will take some time for the rumour mongering to spread and do its deed, but like I said, if you want to add on some easy going activism to your day and help speed things up, here is an easy job for you to do whenever you feel like relaxing and being a strong activist at the same time.


Did you know that there was a big famine going on Africa after lasts years plague of locusts, but that the Live 8 concert couldn't be like that (aptly named) Bandaid concert before, you know, a famine concert, because it was decided that it would be better to use Live 8 to promote the agenda of the powerful and wealthy behind the G8 conference. Given the choice between publizing a famine or making it seem like the G8 really cared they decided to dump the famine, keep it hidden from the public, and then promote a phony agenda to the public proving how little they really care.

Did you know that the G8 deal was just a honey trap. It was designed to trap some middle class liberals. You might think that Africa just got 50 billion in aid, showing how much they cared about that secret famine, but actually all that was is a committment to provide money, after the year 2010. Its kind of like that previous big thing to end child poverty by the year 2000, the idea being that liberals, being gullible sorts, would not believe that someone was cynically setting up a honeytrap to catch them, and thus would nag every year and pressure the elite G8 to remember to meet that commitment, and then when the whole deal fell through in 2010, it would be time to start over again with another honey trap. The whole cynical ploy was to make the public believe that AFrica just got 50 billion dollars, with a couple of rock stars then praising that phony agenda as a giant leap forward. Which is why the famine idea had to be dumped overboard this time, because some phony deal and a propaganda front operation was underway to trick John and Jane Doe and split the resistance by suckering some trusting liberal types into a honey trap.

Did you know that the little bit of money that Africa was getting, was also going to be deducted off that welfare cheque so that actually they got nothing at all. And all this during a famine. Quite shocking really, and the media being a brainwashing operation that always promotes every big brain washing scam instead of giving voice to the helpless and weak just heavily promoted that big scam instead, apparently having become reckless in their arrogance, not realizing that this time was going to be the very last time (of that you can be sure).

What's worse is that now that capitalist media system seems about ready to pull a scam where they are going to blame their own shameful non performance of duty on what they are attempting to tar and feather as 'corrupt African government elites' though our own elites were not equally ruthless and corrupt and conniving all the time with their damnable bad schemes and tricky scams.

This isn't the only example of ruthless oppression practiced by that capitalist media system. For example the Bolivians only want a chance to tell their story, in their own words, but they are kept just as silent as the starving Africans were kept during that whole Live 8 G8 propaganda attack on the public. The Bolivians are in the third world because they are constantly being robbed of their pie by rich capitalists, who already have a freezer full of pies, but then I guess you cannot have enough pies. They are saying that they are sick of being in the third world because of that constant brutal opppression and the robbery. Well just one week in the third world is bad enough, imagine being kept in the third world for as long as those people and you can understand that they are as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. They would like to tell you this themselves but the capitalist media system is part of that whole sale brutality and corruption, which hard as it might be to believe is true. Well you saw that disgusting thing they just did, didn't you. Its just one example of so many.

Did you know that Iraq tried some quasi socialism, by not giving their oil wells to America's richest robber baron capitalists, who then decided to steal them instead, just like what is going on right now. That is evil oppression and maybe even hard to believe, but its true. Even Iraq won't be left with any pie. Back when Iraq had that small element of socialism they proved the power of that idea of state control by becoming one othe more modernized and developed countries in the region surrounded by poor Arab countries, which is why they were bombed back into the third world, so no one notice that even a touch of socialism is a powerful force to make poverty history. This is all the Bolivians want. They want to kick out the capitalist robber barons and make poverty history in Bolivia by trying that same powerfully effective socialism idea, which is why you never hear their story on the capitalist media system. After all it just makes sense, because if you get robbed you will be flat broke and won't be able to pay for your development, thus being a third world country which is how that works.

Did you remember that bit in Venezuela the two coup d'etat attempts. The capitalist media system hid the fact that the demonstrators for 'Democracy' were all wealthy post colonial white racists, who after Venezuelas remaining state oil industry and trying to prevent even a trace of socialism from showing its powers in Venezuela. Being a capitalist media system naturally the media lied to and pretended that Chavez was a dictator and when that coup went through and Bush praised the 'return to democracy' in Venezuela the media just spouted that lie, since the capitalist media system crushes and silences the poor and helps thieves and robbers, just like your politicians always do.

You can get the general idea of how to rumour monger, building upon the famine and that phony propaganda stunt, and so many other possible ideas...have fun....

Brent Herbert


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