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European Union Bombed into Submission?

Foreign Press Foundation | 11.07.2005 17:00 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression

So: MI5, MI6, Scotland Yard, The Special Forces and Branches, the Metropolitan Police, all the 'Bobbies' in the streets of London, Military, Air Force and/or 'Naval Intelligence' - and all other domestic and even the foreign 'security services' like the CIA and Mossad have been asleep on their watch? And 'Homer' Clarke 'fixes' the EU ID-cards on Wednesday?

UK on Wednesday suggests new ID Cards: 'Apartheid' in EU countries?

by Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF - Brussels - July 12th 2005 - On Wednesday, at EU headquarters in Brussels, British Home minister Charles Clarke has planned to get all possible support for further British proposals 'to tackle terrorism'. In reality the totalitarian way of curbing more of some still existing freedoms in the EU countries, like a new law on new ID Cards for all.

The London explosions come in handy, since England - since July 1st - is supposed to be at the helm of the European Union for the next half year. In an emergency meeting of EU interior ministers - and after having failed to get those totalitarian ideas accepted many times before - as a 'fall out' of the bombs last week in London, Clarke now will get more support for his 'control ideas' it is feared, but expected.

Inflicted by an overwhelming flood of Newspeak-information - which the 'main$tream media' keep adjusting - a big part of the world's population still thinks that 'al Qaida' is responsible* for the terrorist acts in London, that Israel 'had no foreknowledge'*, and that this was not a 'false flag' operation*, as logically thought by many the world over.

According to the unreliable British information source The Independent: 'Mr. Clarke will argue that last week's attacks underline the need for EU leaders to examine them closely. His priority is requiring telephone companies to retain records of all private telephone calls, text messages and e-mails for six to 12 months."


Since this already has been done for decades by all intelligence services, and also via tapping giants like Echelon* etc. - it certainly has been the case with mean characters, like London visiting Israeli minister of Finances Benjamin Netanyahu, 'Bibi' for his few friends. Telephone 'traffic records' in his hotel must clearly show whether the Israeli delegation and the minister have been warned 'before', or 'after the bombs went of'. No need for new legislation there.*


The timeline for the moments the bombs exploded keeps changing however, which is an indication that the facts have to be fixed around the policies. Like it was confirmed in the famous Downing Street Memos, published in The Sunday Times in London on May 01, 2005 - ''The secret Downing Street memos'' - Url.:

Still more totalitarian or worse is another of the 'London Group's proposals: they want to introduce as soon as is possible EU-ID cards with - what they call - common security standards on all future EU-country's 'national identity cards'. What this means in reality is easy to see in for instance The Netherlands, where a national ID Card since last 1st of January is an obligation. Contrary to the 'Great Free Europe' they were promised "where one can travel witout a passport even".


The people in the Netherlands for decades fought the South African 'Apartheid regimes' which had the obligation for coloured people to at all times carry ID cards - as being inhuman, and now - contrary to the South Africans - they are obliged to be able to identify themselves all the time, lest they are fined if they leave home without it:

''On average a little more than 100 fines a day were issued to people who could not produce identification in January. Since a new law came into effect on News Year's Day [2005] obliging everyone above the age of 14 to carry ID, authorities have issued 3,300 fines, news agency Novum reported. The fines amount to EUR 50,- and EUR 25,- for those aged 14 or 15.'' - Novum - Url.:

Belgium is the first European country with a nationwide electronic ID card - Url.: - And Microsoft's ruler Bill Gates has futuristic horror views: "Security Requires Fundamentally New Thinking About Software," says Gates - Url.:

Bush backing Tony Blair, of whom many can't understand why both are not in jail yet, of course dismisses any calls for a real investigation 'whether there were intelligence failures before the explosions'. It is a logical demand from Michael Howard, the british opposition leader, who like many wants to know why MI5, MI6, Scotland Yard, The Special Forces and Branches, the Metropolitan Police, all the 'Bobbies' in the streets of London, Military, Air Force and/or 'Naval Intelligence' - and all other domestic and even the foreign 'security services' like the CIA and Mossad have been asleep on their watch.

Tony Blair, this disastrous and despicable jailbird of a 'Crime Minister', argues ''that such a move would be a distraction from the task of catching the bombers''. He doesn't mean 'catching' the bombers; those 'barbarians' who - as Bush had the 'chuzpa' to say ''kill innocent people'': Blair means that such an investigation would complicate the task to 'cover up whodunit'.


''The terrorist attacks in London were not just an assault on the British people, but on all Europe and its values,'' said EU Justice, Freedom & Security Commissioner, Franco Frattini, in the wake of the attacks, indicating that all of Europe is now 'giving in' and the results - the fall out' of this action - can be reaped.

This EU Commissioner said the usual idiotic worn-out phrases about it all being 'an attack on all Europeans and their shared values', but now the UK - which conveniently took over the EU Presidency last July 1 - has bombed Europe's security to the top of its agenda. "I confirm the full commitment of the Commission to promote and accelerate concrete actions for preventing and reacting immediately to terrorist attacks," Frattini said, meaning further assaults on what's left of civil liberties in Europe.

"The EU Member States should accelerate plans to further coordinate the exchange of information and intelligence between law enforcement authorities," Frattini added, "and move swiftly to establish a terrorism response mechanism. On July 13, 2005, the EU Commission will discuss further measures on the fight against terrorism; in particular a proposal for a terrorism-related Rapid Response Mechanism, enabling the EU to respond more efficiently, and in a coordinated way, to terrorist attacks," Frattini said.

Most people - understanding that a growing array of facts is solidifying the idea that those so called 'terror bombings' are politically motivated and tactical - in general view Blair's, Bush's, Clarke's and Frattini's declarations as 'more of a threat than a promise'.

And when the 'London Group' warns about new terror attacks they certainly know what they talk about. Because if someone else doesn't do it, they' ll 'fix the facts around their policy' and do the terror themselves. For anybody willing to see it's all too obvious, and not a complot nor a conspiracy.


Henk Ruyssenaars


One of the best journalists (still) alive - John Pilger - far away from the main$tream media deception: "Lest We Forget; These Were Blair's Bombs" - Url.:

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Tony Blair Ordered The London Bombings - Former MI6 operative: The mainstream media ignores vital evidence of an inside job. - Commentary by Michael James in Frankfurt, Germany - Url.:

Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

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