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Neo Nazis To Return To Leeds To Spead Hatred on July 21st

Crush The Hitler-Lovers | 14.07.2005 04:30 | Anti-racism | Repression

On July the 21st, the psychotic Griffin, the original neo-Nazi Tyndall, and fuhrer fetishist Collett, return to Leeds in the neo-Nazi racist and Islamophobic trial.

While arriving in Leeds, fascist activists will seek to stir up hatred locally. We (anti-racists) and the police must be vigilant, and keep eyes firmly fixed on the scum before and after they slither away from Leeds courthouse, and use the minimum amount of force to protect the residents of Beeston and Burley from fascist attack, by these outsiders seeking to capitalise on the random fact that terrorist murderers lived in these communities, with intimidation and violence.

Any attempt to harass local communities by nazi scumbags, must be countered with the mininum needed force, to keep such people at bay.

The resolute nature of Leeds people must not falter in these times of neo-Nazi exploitation.

It's hard to believe the police will keep tabs on these pondlife people before and after they arrive in Leeds. If the authorities don't do something, the communities themselves must be prepared to protect themselves (by all means necessary) from BNP troublemakers, (peacefully) escorting all such people beyond the city boundaries, and back from whence they came.

The people of Leeds will defy the terrorists AND fight the fash!!!

If you were in Scotland for the G8, get involved with the local fight against the Nazi scum...

Crush The Hitler-Lovers


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