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This is absolutely ...UNFORGIVABLE

Chihaya | 08.06.2006 02:50 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Repression | London | World

Now, this is absolutely UNFORGIVABLE, And yet, how many more innocent lives have been taken this way? What about tomorrow?


Right, this is absolutely unforgivable, small children shot in the head from the back... And I believe there are hundreds of similar cases there.

Isahaqi and

Graphic photographs show bodies of civilians killed in Ishaqi, Iraq
*PLEASE BE WARNED that BOTH very disturbing.

Having said that, I believe we have to see them actually.
We have to face what's been done and being done
By OUR 'leaders,' to innocent Iraqis...

We need to face them in order to stop this madness.
And I wish I could have ever stopped all this
Bloody three years ago....

The tone of propaganda I sense in this,
Is that it seems to focus on Bush alone,
But Cheney, Rummy, Rice and more
(although it says "the White House")
Then all the tops/culprits of the US military, DoD etc.

We need to prosecute all of them
Plus bLIAR, coWARd, Koizumi...... and their men
We have to take every single war criminal to justice!!

And yet, more stories coming out along with their cover-ups...

Iraqis Accuse Marines in April Killing Of Civilian
Disabled Man's Family Disputes Troops' Story
By Ellen Knickmeyer
Washington Post Foreign Service
Monday, June 5, 2006; A01

It's really, really sad....
They have no sense of guilt at all.



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