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Revolt at immigration concentration camp, Athens airporf

AgainstGreece | 01.10.2014 20:48 | Iraq | Migration | Repression | World

The revolt started Wednesday afternoon with detainees shouting freedom... NOW migrants climbed the wall and say they will kill themselves. All are held solely because of their migration status. The 100 detainees have lit fires in a space much too small for them, and three, who have been held llonger than 18 months have climbed fences and threaten to kill themselves.

Ali Amin from Maroc and Drazi Nordin and Bahrar Ismail from Algerie have climbed a very high wall to protest being held longet than 18months, they are wounded and have put nooses on their necks. They threaten to commit suicide.

They want there freedom

Hunger strike is being held by other detainees:

"Ελευθερία, Freedom, Liberte"


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